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Professionally sold: Trustworthy approach - Thomas N. Ingram, Raymond W. LaForge, Ramon A. Avila, Charles H. Schwepker, Michael R. Williams

Mr. Thomas N. Ingram (Ph.D., Georgia State University) is retired Associate Professor at Colorado State University, USA, with a Ph. D. in Economics and Business Administration. Prior to starting his professional life, he worked in distribution, project development and distribution at Exxon and Mobil. He is a receiver of the SMEI' s " Market Educator of the Year " accolade from SMEI.

As the first receiver of the Mu Kappa Tau National Marketing Honor Society Distinction, he was recognized for outstanding scientific contribution to selling discipline. Distinguished Contact Professor Ingram has been appointed Distinguished Contact Professor by the University Business Center Alliance for his long-term contribution to business training. Mr. Tom was publisher of the Journal of Personal Selling & Sale Management, Chairman of the SMEI Accreditation Institute and member of the Board of Directors of SMEI.

The former publisher of the JOURNAL OF MARKETING Theory & Compact. Tom's main research area is in the area of personnel sale and sale manager. Among others his work has been published in JOURNAL OF MARKETING, JOURNAL OF MARKETING RESEARCH, JOURNAL OF PERSONAL SHELLING & SOLES MANAGEMENT and JOURNAL OF THE ACADEMY OF MARKETING SCIENCE.

Co-author of one of the "ten most influential articles of the twentieth century" as determined by the Special Interest Group on Sale and Sale Management of the American Association of Marketers. LaForge is the Brown-Forman Professor of Advertising at the University of Louisville. Mr. Becker is the chief editor of the Market Education Review and co-author of Marketing:

Basic Policies & Perspectives (5e), Sales Management: Analyzing and decision making (7e), professional selling: The results of his research have been featured in many magazines, among them the Journal of Marketing, Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Marketing Research, Decision Sciences and Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science.

Mr. Buddy has served on the boards of many companies, among others as Vice President of Marketing for the Academy of Business Education, Vice President of Marketing, Education and Conferencing for the American Marketing Association Academic Council, and Chairman and Vice Chairman of Awards and Recognition for the American Marketing Association Sales Interest Group.

At the National Conference in Sales Management Buddy won the Outstanding Sales Scholar Award from Mu Kappa Tau and in 2005 a Special Recognition Award from the American Marketing Association Sales Interest Group. A Distinguished Scholar Award from Research Symposium on Marketing and Entrepreneurship in 2006, Distinguished Sales Educator Award from University Sales Center Alliance and Undergraduate Teaching Award from College of Business in 2007, Outstanding Faculty Award from Beta Alpha Psi in 2008 and Faculty Favorite Award from REACH Ambassadors in 2008.

From 2007-2009, the top university sales education program at the University of Louisville was chosen by the University sales education foundation. A. Ramon Avila (Ph. D., Virginia Tech University) est le professeur distingué de l'Université d'Etat de Virginie et Frances Ball pour le marketing et le marketing. Prior to joining Ball State, he worked in distribution at Burroughs Corporation.

He had two guest lectureships at the University of Hawaii and another at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. Dr. Avila was honored with the 2009 University Sales Center Alliance Distinguished Sales Educator. The prize was given for innovations in the category of classrooms with its progressive sales category. In 1999 Avila received the title Mu Kappa Tau's Outstanding Contributor to the Sales Profession.

It has also won the University's Outstanding Service Awards, the University's Outstanding Junior Faculty Awards, the College of Business Professor of the Year, and the Dean's Teaching Awards every year since its founding in 1987. The main areas of his research are personnel sale and sale managemen. Among others his work has been published in JOURNAL OF MARKETING RESEARCH, JOURNAL OF PRERSONAL SHELLING & SEALES MANAGEMENT, JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT, INDUSTRIAL MARKETING MANAGEMENT, THE MARKETING MANAGEMENT JOURNAL and JOURNAL OF MARKETING TheORY & PRACTICE. Just to name a few.

Co-author of the PROFESSIONAL SHELLING SHILLS WORKBOOK and SHALES MANAGEMENT: is the Mike und Patti Davidson Distinguished Professor an der University of Central Missouri (Ph. D., University of Memphis). Mr. Becker has extensive wholesaling and retailing expertise. He focuses his research on the areas of distribution planning, personnel distribution and merchandising economics.

Schwepker's essays have been featured in the JOURNAL OF THE ACADEMY OF MARKETING SCIENCE, JOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH, JOURNAL OF PUBLIC POLICY AND MARKETING, JOURNAL OF PERSONAL SELLING & MANAGEMENT, JOURNAL OF SERVICE RESEARCH and JOURNAL OF BUSINESS ETHICS, among others in magazines; different procedures and accounts, nationally and regionally, involving Marketting Communication Classics and Virginmental Marketings.

Mr. Becker has won several academic and consulting distinctions, among them the Hormel Teaching Excellence and the Alumni Foundation Harmon College of Business Administration Distinguished Professor Awardees. Dr. Schwepker won the James Comer Recognition for Best Article in Distribution and Distribution Leadership Studies, presented by the JOURNAL OF PERSONAL SHELLING & SEAL ES EMPLOYMENT and two Outstanding Paper Presents at the National Conference in Distribution Managemen.

Mr. Bösendorfer is a member of the drafting examination committees of JOURNAL OF PERSONAL MANAGEMENT & SOLES MANAGEMENT, JOURNAL OF MARKETING TheORY & PRACTICE, JOURNAL OF BUSINESS & INDUSTRIAL MARKETING, and of the Board of Directors of the Company, and JOURNAL OF RELATIONSHIP MARKETING, JOURNAL OF SOELLING AND MAJOR ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT and SOUTHERN BUSINESS REVIEW, and has won five prizes for excellent reviewers.

It is co-author of ALES MANAGEMENT: Mr Michael R. Williams (Ph. D., Oklahoma State University) est professeur de la Academy of Customer Excellence and Sale an der Oklahoma City University et professeur pour le commerce et le cadre. Williams built a 30-year -plus track record in industry distribution, research and distribution and continued to advise and collaborate with a variety of companies.

It has co-authored the PROFESSIONAL SELLING SKILLS WORKBOOK, MANAGEMENT SALES: An analysis and decisions as well as a large number of testimonials and whitepapers on issues related to distribution services. Williams' research has been featured in many different domestic and foreign magazines among them JOURNAL OF PERSONAL SELLING & MANAGEMENT, JOURNAL JOURNAL OF PurchasING AND MATERIALS MANAGEMENT, JOURNAL OF BUSINESS AND INDUSTRIALAL MARKETING, QUALITY MANAGEMENT JOURNAL and JOURNAL OF BUSINESS-TO-BUSINESS MARKETING. Although Williams has done research in the field of business management, he has also written articles in many other magazines.

He has also won a number of awards, such as the Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing's outstanding paper for the year, the AACSB's Leadership in Innovative Business Education Awards and the Marketing Science Institute's Alden G. Clayton Competition. Williams was awarded the Mu Kappa Tau Marketing Society in 2004 for excellent scientific contributions to sales discipline.

It has also been honoured with many prizes from universities, colleges and companies for education and research, among them Old Republic Research Scholar, the presenting of a seminary at Oxford Braesnose College, Who's Who in American Education and Who's Who in America. Mr. Williams has served and still serves as a senior consultant and director for industry federations and organisations involved in distribution and distribution planning, such as the United Nations International Federation of International Business Alliances, the National Conference in Distribution and Distribution and Vector Marketing.

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