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Everybody's looking at the picture fair! But why?!

The PIBBLE project is aimed at creating a clear and equitable corporate identity. Essentially, it means that content suppliers receive adequate reward for their work. "A picture? Why? The picture book is larger than you think and continues to grow. The picture industry can generally be divided into two areas: a fee-based and a free one.

Many of you may know that a paying picture exchange is a share exchange. Pictures taken by pros or created by a designer are involved. "The " Shockerstock " and " Getty Imag " are two of the best known equity world. Given that stick image marketplaces are usually used by pros like marketers, not many are comfortable with the notion.

Yet although the industry is only loved by experts, the scale of the industry is as big as $2.4 billion! Without the use of pictures, it is practically not possible to do so. "TechnoVio, a worldwide research coverage group, forecasts that the equity markets will achieve a $32 billion value by 2021, an 8% increase on an AAGR.

That is due to technology that is built on communication, such as the web, which outputs pictures along with videos on a daily basis. This leads to a general increase in the picture mart. PIBBLE does not only concentrate on the paying picture industry. It is the purpose of the proposal to guarantee the authors of the contents the right they merit.

It is particularly important at a time when the number of mobile phone and web users is soaring. Let's look at Instagram, for example. The Instagram is more an image-based SNS than Facebook. Lately, Instagram has beaten Facebook and has become the most widely used SNS today, showing how many pictures have become a vital means of expression of one's emotions.

Not only does PIBBLE recognize this, it also recognizes how important Web site publishers are for a site like Instagram. In PIBBLE's view, it is laughable that authors of contents do not receive adequate credit for posting fascinating pictures. For this reason, PIBBLE strives to establish a clear picture eco-system in these two ways.

In summary, PIBBLE has chosen to create an imaging eco-system that will ensure that content vendors receive the right compensation for their work that can't be found in StickImageMarkets, Instagram, Facebook etc. PIBBLE's corporate eco-system not only recognizes value to publishers, but also makes sure that those who choose to upload great pictures get the right treat.

Using blockchain technologies, we ensure that pictures are not distributed unlawfully and that pictures are not unlawfully reproduced by using our proprietary Bitcontents Pro.

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