Imbalance Wordpress Theme

Wordpress imbalance theme

Unbalance theme from Free Wordpress theme in modern minimalist style.


The Imbalance is an ideal tool for your magazine, blogs or portfolios. Easy-to-use layouts can draw new audiences and dynamic, minimalist designs can refresh your projects with ease. Unparalleled homepage theme allows you to use the templates for different purposes, whether it is a corporate website or a private blogs. There is a dropdown menu to add a little authenticity and comfort to your work.

Unbalance 2

The Imbalance 2 fits perfectly to your blogs, portfolios or e-zines. Each website can be updated through the use of new customizable functionality provided in the theme and the website visibility can be adjusted through the use of custom backend functionality. Imbalance 2 theme types can be selected between either liquid or static.

Depending on your selection, the text can be added to the format. Select your own page types from a Twitter default (Prev/Next) Twitter look "Load More" or a fashionable "Infinite Loading" by jQuery. To make it easier for you, we have created five places for the menu, which you can try and select using the Wordpress default feature.


Imbalance is a free theme from WPShower. Use jQuery to run a galleries and headers, is advertising friendly and works well under any web browsers. WPShower's nice theme. It' only really good for photo blogging, but since there are a lot of text-friendly blogging, it's no big deal.

It' good to have a theme with a jQuery repository without having to search for a good repository. It has appropriate theme choices, WordPress 3.0 compatibility and looks great!

WordPress imbalance theme

The Imbalance is a nice and minimalist free WordPress theme from WP Shower, perfectly suited for portfolio, photoblog, and magazine publishing. WordPress 3.0 support is included for WordPress 3.0 customization, including support for WordPress 3.0 WordPress 3.0 menus as well as thumbnail views, a rich drop-down list navigator, and a custom option page. Unbalance is ideal for those looking for a sleek, clear look that emphasizes their photographs.

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