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If you are importing content from another blog or platform, you should follow these steps: Import live demo content, widgets, and design settings quickly. Import WordPress demonstration contents into your current website. To customize the demonstration layouts exactly, it will help to have the example contents of the demonstration files included; it contains the articles, folders, media items and menu items from the demonstration files. It is especially useful if you follow the topic's manually placed Widget User Guide because the widget setup points to the demonstration contents.

Prior to beginning the import procedure, we must make sure that the WordPress Contents Importers are properly in place. Please click on WordPress, as we will import articles and other contents from the demonstration setup. A popup window opens where you can download and use the WordPress Import plug-in.

Check the descriptions to see what things can be pasted; articles, catagories, comments, user-defined boxes and more are in it. WorldPress downloads and installs the plug-in from the repository; upon completion, you can activate and open the plug-in or return to the importers' choices page.

Then click 'Activate Plugin and Run Importer'. It opens the Importor and you can select an import clip. As we have nothing to import yet, you can keep things for now. If you want to open the importers later, simply click on Tools>Import>WordPress. We must now fetch the example import files.

Please visit this page to visit the section to get the downloadable version of the database containing the import files. The system displays a number of topic descriptions that refer to the relevant IDocs. Because the associated filename is an HTML document, your web browsers will attempt to view it and not attempt to dowload it:

Right-click or use the controller to click on the shortcut and choose "Download shortcut file". Now this will fetch a filename named theme_name. nml, where "theme_name" is the name of the theme (wait for it....). Right click on the hyperlink and choose "Download hyperlink as...". This opens a dialog in which you can specify where the downloaded files should be stored.

Name will be set to'theme_name. xml' by default, so just keep it as your standard and store the name. Right click on the hyperlink and choose "Save hyperlink as...". It opens a dialog where you can specify the storage place; as with the other browser, the name is set to "theme_name.xml" by default, so that you don't change it.

Log in to your WordPress baking and open your WordPress Import (Tool>Import>WordPress). Press'Select file' and browse to your new theme_name.xml. Then click 'Upload and import file'. The Import WordPress dialog box appears, with two panes: Map Authors and Import Attachments. In the ' Map Authors' section, you can import the Contentor's user name into your WordPress install, add a new Autor for the Contents to which you want to attach the Contents, or map the Contents you want to import to an exisiting Autor in your WordPress install.

Only one or two writers can be uploaded, or up to ten writers can be uploaded, especially if the topic contains BuddyPress, because each demonstration has its own contents. You must select one of the following items for each user:

Your initial nickname is added to your nickname bar and the contents you import are associated with it. When a name is typed in the "Create new users with logon name" field: Use the name specified in the box to add a new account to which the contents are mapped.

When selecting a member from the "Assign Contributions to an Current User" drop-down list: Contents are pasted and applied to the current account chosen from the drop-down list. You may find it useful to import the initial audience if you have already created your own custom contents, as this makes it easy to find and delete the trial contents when you start customizing the design and implementing your own as well.

Select the checkbox next to "Download and import files " to import items such as pictures from the post. Press the "Send" pushbutton to execute the import operation. Trial contents are now available in your WordPress install, and you can proceed with the widget setup and configuration to customize them for the trial!

Section 3 - Import of demonstration contents - you are here!

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