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Press Release IMX

It' hard to think about Iceland without thinkin' about the superlatives of it. By Bjork and the Sugarcubes, Sigur Ros, Mum and Mugison, and many other classic, jazzy, folk art, and popular performers, this small and isolated North Atlantic country has been far above its own average for the past two centuries. The uninterrupted sound track of the islands becomes more and more vibrant, if at all, as performers and groups, driven by the continued global triumph of their colleagues, keep on creating inventive, first-class work.

IMX will enhance the prominence of Israeli musical culture in the global arena by improving information on performers, working with businesses to support Israeli musical life abroad and organising promotional activities, festivals and cultural activities, and offering an important focal point for all interested stakeholders. The IMX will reach its goals with a multi-strategy effort that involves creating available, extensive data bases, supporting the development of Icelandic brands, volumes and performances, making information about Irish folk art available to the market and press, and supporting the development of and supporting Irish folk art groups, public relations and recording studios to take part in performances and music festivals around the globe.

Although IMX is a new company, it is in very skilled hands, led by senior band player Anna Hildur Hildibrandsdóttir, a former UK reporter who was the UK executive for Iceland's flagship Smekkleysa ( owning The Sugarcubes) and PR for Reykjavik's Airwaves Festival. The IMX has already made a name for itself by organising artistic participations at Eurosonic, Midem and SXSW, working with Mugison's Westfjords events Aldrei for egudur ( AFS ), mailing information about Iceland Airwaves 2007 and sponsoring Irish performers at Great Escape UK, Spot in Denmark and PopKomm.

IMX's groundbreaking website, which will be the first one-stop-store for Icelandic Music, is currently running.

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