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Open the Chrome app Chrome on your Android phone or tablet. Tap More More to the right of the address bar, and then tap the New Incognito tab. Rummage privately - Android Open the Chromes application on your Android mobile or tray. Touch the More New Incognito tab to the right of the location toolbar. Look for the Incognito symbol in the top menu on the upper leftside.

When you see the error box "Screenshots must not be taken by the application or your organization", open the website in a regular chart tab.

It is possible to change between Incognito tablets and standard Chromed tablets. You will only surf privately if you use a tab "Incognito". The Incognito modus is run in a seperate tab from your usual chartes. When you open one Incognito tab and another, your browser privacy continues on the new tab.

In order to leave Incognito modus, please click on all Incognito tab pages. Open the Chromes application on your Android mobile or tray. Touch Change tab in the upper right corner. You will see your open Incognito tablets on the right. On the top right of your incognito tab, touch Schlie├čen. We do not store your browser histories, cookie and website information or information submitted in any form.

Find out more about how personal surfing works.

Use incognito Windows in Chrome

While clearing your browser histories ensures that no one sees the websites you've viewed under Chrome's Historical Manger, it's much simpler to just make sure that no trace of your browser histories appears on your computer. This is where Chrome's incognito window comes in. Incognito allows you to browse the Internet securely without worrying that all your information will be stored on your computer.

In order to open an incognito pane, launch Chromes and click on the spanner symbol in the upper right hand part of the pane. Then click New Detection Panel and begin the search. You can also choose Ctrl+ Shift+N to open a new incognito without opening the Chrom setting dialog. We do not store records of websites you have viewed while using incognito screens.

While incognito windowing prevents Chrome from storing information about your browser histories, it cannot prevent other applications from doing so. Do not use the function and anticipate that it will keep your browser progress confidential from your office's IT team.

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