Incredible 3d Doodle Kit

Unbelievable 3d Doodle Kit

The creation of your own 3D world is fun and easy with the 3D Doodle Kit! DOUBLEKIT: This kit contains 1 pair of anaglyph 3D glasses and a double pencil holder for drawing 3D images. See how your drawings come to life before your eyes with this 3D character set.

Unbelievable 3D Doodle Drawing Kit: Red Blue Spectacles: Arten Wissenschaft

Create amazing three-dimensional pictures with our incredible 3D Doodle Kit. With the same principle as in these 3D films, the mind is made to create an illusion o f deep in your 2-D sketches. Simply point the black and white pens at the top of the screen and create interesting thumbnails. Worn with a pair of pairs of red binoculars and a pair of black binoculars, you'll see the 3D effect.

Colour chart - "incredible 3D Doodle Kit".

Incredible 3D Doodle Kit

Place your order within 10hrs and 05 min and select Next Day Deliver at the cashier. Just outline an image or write a scrawl. Watch in amazement as your script turns into a piece of funky artwork. Trick while the 3D goggles creates an illusion created by deepness and changes the way you see things.

Unbelievable 3D Doodle Kit

With the same principle as 3D films, the mind is tempted to create an illusion created by adding a certain amount of detail to your 2-D sketches. Using the crimson and black graphite pens, 3D goggles and 3D goggles, observe how your scribbles come to magical fruition. Our feature "Find dealer" will soon be available for all private clients.

3d NPW Unbelievable DOODLE Kit Set 6

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The creation of your own 3D environment is great and simple with the 3D Doodle Kit! Simply place the scarlet and cyan pens in the supplied color chart and begin to draw. As soon as you put on the supplied 3D goggles, your two-line illustrations will skip off the page.

Unbelievable 3D Doodle Kit

DOUBLEKIT: This kit contains 1 pairs of 3D eyeglasses and a dual lead for drawing 3D images. Delivered with 2 coloured pens, this incredible Doodle kit can be exchanged for any other coloured pen. Present Ideas: It is a great present for birthday, holiday and more.

Discover your fantasy and bring new impressions into your sketches! With this kit you can have the whole experience of your own designs at any given moment. You can have the 3D dimensions in front of you, from the simplest to the most demanding design. All you have to do is open your minds, be imaginative and make incredible sketches every single working day. What you have to do is to be able to do the right thing.

Would you like to improve your powers of comprehension? This kit allows anyone to be open, imaginative and get a new feeling every time. I' m sure not all your sketches will be the same. You' ll love this kit, which will help you to discover your fantasy more and more.

It' a great present for all ages, especially for future designer and artist! You' ll definitely like this present!

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