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Publisher independent Wordpress

This is a beautiful, reader-oriented WordPress theme for you. This is a high-quality WordPress topic with a news / magazine feeling. WordPress theme developed for independent publishers.

Who' s this for?

For more information about the work and the individual who launched it, visit the Info page. When you believe that everyone has the right to independent publication and that a nice, well-maintained home should be nicely landscaped, cared for, and accessible to everyone for free for your posted work, then this is just the right thing for you.

Isn' it not the case that actual contents make the presentation of a topic with Lorem Ipsum contents impossible? So if you want to see your own contents on this page, I would like to ask you to help. Incidentally, as part of the topic demonstration, this contribution is what a sticky mail looks like.

User-defined header & featureted images

The Independent Publisher 2 is a neat and sophisticated subject with a bright colour palette, fat types and full-width pictures. The Independent Publisher 2 responds by adapting its design to different equipment and display size. Customize your website with a custom header that serves as the backdrop for the website's header and tags.

In order to customize your own headers, go to Customize ? Headers Image. Selected pictures on individual pages and postings supersede any user-defined headers. In Independent Publisher 2, the best user-defined headers and feature sets are ornamental backgrounds. User-defined head and feature image that work best with this topic are pictures that can be trimmed differently in different dimensions, such as abstracted graphic or photos.

Enhanced imagery and other imagery larger than 1100px in width are printed large and thick and lifted out of the ambient area. The Independent Publisher 2 was developed with the face of the individual blogs in view, so that a Gravatar picture can be used in the headers. Gravatar of the website user is shown by default only if you have a Gravatar picture loaded.

Or you can go to Customize theme choices at and Gravatar's e-mail addresses to another one. When you don't want to show a gravatar at all, delete the e-mail message entirely from the box. In order to insert a logotype, go to Customize Site Identity and up-load one. Create a logotype instead of or in conjunction with a Gravatar profiled picture.

The Independent Publisher 2 shows a comfortable estimate of read times for articles calculated at 250 words per min. At ?, you can uncheck Customize topic options and uncheck the check boxes next to Show post estimates. The Independent Publisher 2 provides custom menu display assistance for a custom menu that appears in the headline and can be customized via Customize ? Menus.

Standalone Publisher 2 with sidebar on. The Independent Publisher 2 contains four broadget areas: an option sidebar and three bottom line areas. Footswitch Widgets in Independent Publisher 2. When there are no Widgets in the Sidebar area, the design adapts itself intelligently to a specific column: The Independent Publisher 2 contains text style specific for pulled offers.

Draw offers in Independent Publisher 2. Recommended images work best with 1400 width and 600 height images. The custom header is 1440 cm broad and 600 cm high.

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