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Cinnamon and apple pork chops are one of my favourite dishes. Envato Elements are all designed by independent designers.

Quick Design with Wordpress - Joe Casabona

As the need to display Web sites on portable equipment continues to grow, Web sites must be able to adapt to tens of millions of different display sizes. Joe Casabona, an experienced web designer, will teach you how to use WordPress to get the most out of your work, deploy best practice, streamline key business process automation, and make your entire experience simpler.

You' ll begin by refreshing the WordPress key features and then immerse yourself in the development of fast-reacting topics and plug-ins. See what you should consider at the beginning of the redesign workflow to reduce your work time. Discover the latest best practice for pinpointing stopping points, access, and prevention of web page bloating for a better usability regardless of the user's connecting time.

Eventually, you'll be able to put the learned principals to use on certain exercises, such as creating a photogallery, card page, and product page. - Find out when to trust topics and when to use plug-ins. - Use your compelling style guide on a WordPress topic. - Use common reaction technologies, such as picturefill.js, to let pictures react to different display resolution and link speed.

  • Download tens of sample codes to help you deploy highly reactive engineering designs, and test yourself with quiz questions at the end of the section.

Indie Game Developer Handbook - Richard Hill-Whittall

In 1995 Richard Hill-Whittall began to develop computer graphics software for a software firm named Stilltunna Software. He first played XTreme Racing for the Commodore Amiga, and his main character was an artiste and tracking engineer. In other areas too, such as PR, corporate communications, sales and distribution, he has sunk his toes into the ocean.

Videogames have been his pastime since he was about 10 years old. Spending countless hours trying to play on his first computer, a ZX Spectrum, he dreamed of developing his own computer game. Throughout this period, he has led the creation and release of 33 titles across 44 different SCCs.

Besides the creation of these titles he was also leading actor, gamedesigner and often even soundsinger.

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