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The Other Times Group news pages. Have a look who you know at Times Now, use your professional network and let them hire you. Every news channel is biased and should be.

What makes news stations like Zee News, India TV, Republic TV, Times Now so prejudiced?

Every news station is prejudiced and should be. However, you need to be smart enough to recognize/identify the prejudices and underlying motivations, and then choose the path that is aligned with the prejudices you would like to see. I do not want to make a personal commitment to the compromises in terms of Dharma sentiment, public safety and the business world, so I choose the media and the personalities who have the authority to talk about such issues, the remainder is rubbish to me, although that can be prejudiced or not.

Generally, it is best to choose a path that is aligned with current domestic interests, such as eradicating the poverty, providing good educational opportunities, joining the NSG, reducing criminality, sitting on the UN Security Council and modernizing the armed forces. Continue then to select the canal of your choice, based on the prejudices you have.

Goswami ends Times Now: Here's what he said to the editor.

Times Now and ET Now's and ET Now's president (News) and chief editor Mr Goswami RNAB said to his teammate on Tuesday that he had left the group.

At 9 pm, Goswami moderates the fierce everyday discussion about Times Now's flag ship show, The Newshour, which has produced several impersonations on other canals. An editor-in-chief who was present at the meet, in which about 50 employees participated, said that Goswami had an hour-long talk in which he talked about how everything at Times Now was "hand-picked" and "built from scratch" by him.

Though Goswami did not explain his intentions, said the chief reporter, he talked about his "dream of an unbiased press". Goswami's chief reporter said he said to them that he "doesn't want to get caught in the TV media" as they exist today. Mr. Goswami said that he wants to "lead" the changes that the masses are going through with regard to electronic journalists.

Similarly, Goswami had addressed the Big Picture summit organized by the Federation of India Industries on 25 October in New Delhi. There he had said that in the next few years he could see a medium mark from India on the "global stage". It has also discussed an India based news agency that questions the "hegemony" of West German news groups.

Leading reporter said the Tuesday encounter was very enjoyable, although "there was an amazing stillness in the room". Few were taken by surprise as it had talked for a while about his resignation, but "this place was working on a very close connection with him," said the chief reporter.

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