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" Infinite" is Infinite's title song in Sonic Forces and serves as an "alternative" to the main theme "Fist Bump". THE FANDOM Composed from Infinite's point of view, the track is a mixture of dotstep, trope and heavy metals, and packed with selfish bragging and dreamdom. And it also left behind clues about the true nature of its powers. Re-mixed version also serves as the main motifs for all three of the Infinite Bosfights.

While the first two were instrument-based melodic interpretations for the Lied, the final one contained an obscure orchestra mixture. A further remake can also be seen in Episode Shadow during Infinite's monolog " Infinite's Beginning". A part of the track is played during the cut scene, which Infinite formalizes before the first bout against him begins.

I am the highest of the hills/I am the harshest of the waves/I'm the hardest of the horrors/I am the most dark of the day - Infinite is the most mighty enemy Sonic has ever been confronted with OR a token of Infinite's pride and joy in extremely bragging that acts as a front for his anxieties. I am the last to stand - Infinite is the only remaining Jackal unit.

Because I was dealing with better things, just look at my face - referring to how Infinity was losing to Shadow & consider him a better enemy than Sonic or the Avatar. he has reached, a "new face". Perhaps he also points to his former state as the ultimative soldier and that he has a stigma on his right eyes.

I' m the hottest of the knives, I will truncate you in a second - Infinite slightly defeats Sonic in her first game. Because I was birthed in this grief, it only hurt when you allow it - Infinite was birthed faint, but never again rejects to return to this plane.

After all this elapsing you' re back for more - infinite reunion with either Shadow, Sonic or the Avatar. If everything you know has come and gone - infinitely to tell Shadow that he's not what he was before. I am going higher - Infinite thought that it is better than all others.

There are only remaining scratches of what I was - practically nothing stays of the infinite once who was. Infinte kills all of Avatar's friend and lets them survive for his enjoyment. If there is no one else to go on - Refer to how Infinite beat Sonic and after that there was practically no one else to defy him.

This is an delusion, open your eye and.../So look around and tell me what you really see - the force of the infinite to bow to realities. Sonic and the Avatar continue to prove their weakness despite their newly discovered powers. Infinite is not able to withstand the attraction of the Phantom Rubin.

This is what it needs to be infinite - infinity must manifest itself in its new sense of self by conquering its own ache. Never stop - Infinity is invincible OR a hint to its own name. You' re living a lie/and that is the different in you and me - Sonic' s faith in the might of fellowship is nothing but an Illusion that Infinite sees through.

Let me show you what it's all about - Infinity who wants to show the Phantom Rubin's skills. - So it' just infinite and either Sonic or the Avatar, and no one will rescue them from him. Texts provided for this track on the Sonic Channel website do not match the texts that can be found in the formal version of the music.

YouTube' officially releases the tune on the YouTube channels, showing an Infinite picture from the main stream 3 E as he prepares his bombing of dice, as well as the occasional flicker of a disturbed display. "Infinite " is the only singing in Sonic Forces that doesn't feature the full versions in the series.

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