Incd is a controversial new start-up developed by Kelly Smith of Curious Office and the venture capital firm Second Avenue Partners in Seattle, Washington. An intermediate step towards a face tattoo, consider grooving with INK'D's to the beat of your own drum. is focused on creating an online market for the latest print designs in the business.

artwork templates, logos, presentations and prints


Grab your design and print skills in the world's first place for creativity. Hundreds of design downloads! Full colour print with the eyes of a stylish artist every inch of the way.

You can use our or your own styles! Incd provides more than any other downloadable graphical template for your work. Just choose your file and upload it to your computer. Customise your graphs, pictures, fonts and colours to your own needs. You' ll be saving yourself a lot of trouble and money. To what extent is Inkd different? Incd is more than a place to buy truly original artwork.

It is our expectation to create the most precious customer site where they can search, buy and retrieve template files. This is Inkd.

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Incd is a contentious new start-up created by Kelly Smith of Curious Office and the Second Avenue Partners risk finance corporation in Seattle, Washington. Incd refers to itself as the "World's First Market for Original Printed Design". It is a user-generated marketing place that provides the general public with the opportunity to buy and resell printed products such as booklets, leaflets, business cards, letterheads, postal stationery, menu items and other popular printing formats used in our worldwide operations.

Incd is located in the old Pioneer Square, Seattle area. This site follows in the footsteps of a user-generated storefront by providing free personalized showcases for artists to sell their creations for commission. 1 ] Companies can retrieve the submitted booklet and calling cards artwork in a wide range of data formats for use in common corporate identity and publication workflows.

Inkd was established in 2009 under the name Pressplane, started with an estimate of 800 originals and has since expanded to nearly 2000 masterworks. It' built on user previewing and then downloading and customizing these themes once they have finished purchasing. The price varies between 29 and 99 dollars per theme.

The majority of printed artwork is primarily available in vendor applications such as Adobe Systems InDesign and Illustrator, but the site also accept entries and provides downloadable artwork in other sizes such as Apple iWork and Microsoft Word. In general, crowdsourcing has never really been tried in the field of commercial art but some still consider the efforts to be too near to "specification work".

Agencies would create an ad (or campaign) and present it to a customer with whom they would like to work. Today, businesses like CrowdSpring allow people to publish certain specific products from which they would choose from public versions that have been released by precisely those creators who are willing to take the chance of not getting their money if they are not chosen.

Inkd does not strictly follow enquiries about products, so the narrower consequence and discussion will still be a rather characteristic market place for sales products like Etsy. For Inkd, the contributor is willing to make 20% of each sales. Inkd will therefore remain a polarising prelude to this new epoch of user-generated graphics work.

It is not yet clear whether it is better for graphics artists and companies in equal measure. Among the most common types of product marketed in Inkd are single-sheet booklets, double folds (a double-sided, halved-folded individual sheet) and triple folds (the same but one-third folded). Twofold booklets produce four panel (two panel on each side), while threefold booklets produce six panel (three panel on each side).

Folders that are not part of the usual commercial printing are not available on Inkd, e.g. Akkordeon or "Z-fold" methods, "C-fold" methods, etc. Bigger leaves, e.g. with detail cards or large areas of photographs, are pleated into four, five or six boxes. Businesscard samples, letterheads, menu, picture cards, flyer and data sheet are available for downloading.

This website will accept designs created in applications such as Adobe Systems InDesign and Illustrator, Apple iWork, CorelDraw, Microsoft Word, Photoshop, and QuarkXPress.

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