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Multi concept news, magazines & blog theme from Theme-Ruby The INNOVATION is a multi concept message, magazine and blog submission that is best suitable for web pages that provide messages about technology, fashion, sports, travel, staff, entertainment, recipes, etc. The INNOVATION is a WordPress full-featured templates with 1 click installer, a high-performance page builder and 6 month full service maintenance. INNOVATION lets you buy just one artwork and get a nice contemporary website with mutiple layout, but you also have lifelong update free of charge, which makes this an outstanding value WordPress topics for magazine, newspaper and blog webpages.

Programmed with HTML5 & CSS3, all INNOVATION functions, as well as motion graphics and special effect graphics, are elegantly and purposefully designed with the primary emphasis on your work. Innovative offers a wide selection of backend power utilities that save your precious amount of hassle and expense, such as Page Builder, Theme Options, Shortcodes, Widgets, Mega Menu and more.

INNOVATION has thought of everything to help you make the most advanced theme in newspapers, magazines and blogs. So many ready-made layout templates and our easy-to-use 1-click installation couldn't make your website look simpler. The INNOVATION is a feature-rich, fully reactive multi-concept WordPress artwork that helps you take your information to the next layer without the need for knowing key.

Optimise for speed: INNOVATION is optimised for top speeds. It is the quickest magazine/blog topic on the market. Multiconcept, neat and stylish designs can be used for any kind of message, magazin and blogsite. Completely subordinate topic is encouraged. Unrestricted side bars, each contribution, each page, each class can have its own side bar.... Extended topic options:

This theme is integrated into Redux Framework and comes with over 150 theme choices, hoping to help you adapt all your website items without having to know any script. Ruby Page Composer: helps you quickly and simply design your own page layout. Every section of Page Composer supports many page layout blocks, so the theme is very versatile, you can make any number of them.

There are 6 presented surface slide control layouts: Supports 3 column at the top of the page so you can place banners. Extended page and contribution options: The page and contribution option are per page or contribution only, i.e. they only apply to the page or contribution to which you have posted them. You overwrite the topic option so that you can create a clear page or posting outside your overall preferences.

There are 8 different categories layout, the choices are per categories, i.e. they only apply to the categories in which you have made them. Updates your voocommerce templates. Updates your voocommerce templates. Provide profiling shortcut choices for instant diagram widgets. 4. - Many other improvements and bugfixes. - New FOUR: Adds 4 stores to the infobar categories.

  • and other improvements and smaller bugfixes. - More improvements and smaller bugfixes. - Plus other enhancements and smaller bugfixes. - Finally, other enhancements and smaller bugfixes. - Several other improvements and bugfixes.

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