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Inspiro is packed with features like a full-screen slideshow that supports YouTube & self-hosted videos in the background, a widgettized homepage and a gallery module, and is perfect for presenting your portfolio, images and videos. Reactive layout with this WordPress Gallery theme. With Inspiro's smooth, responsive layout, your website will look perfect on mobile devices. The Widgetized Homepage allows you to use the theme for a business page as well.

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Topic summaries

In order to quickly get the same look of the topic as in the demonstration, you will find here how to import the demonstration content. Icons Widget - free plug-in that lets you make a listing of your people. Installagram Widget - another free plug-in from us that lets you upload a galery of your latest Installagram pictures.

The Jetpack is a free plug-in that contains many functions that you can activate to include additional functionality in the theme. Contributions, Tiled Galleries, Carousel. In order to activate the eCommerce function in the theme, you must download and use the free WooCommerce plug-in. In order to attach a Contacts page to a page like the one in the demonstration, just download and follow these steps to get the plug-in.

Ensure that you choose the color icon/NoBackgroundIcon Style in the Widgetsettings. Beginning with Inspiro 3. The Theme Customizer can modify and adjust many customization features. The customizer can be accessed from the topic page. Within Logotype you can either post your own logotype or modify the website wallpaper.

The Slideshow Options section allows you to insert an option slideshow icon. It is also necessary to have a featured image or movie uploaded. Videofunction was added in 1.2 release. You can configure extra sliders under Topic Options > Homepage > Homepage > Homepage Sliders. Suggested image sizes for slideshow - 1800x1800px.

The Inspiro design allows you to view videos as a backdrop in any slideshow slides. Up until recently, most portable gadgets did not support automatic playback of videos to protect consumers from unwanted content use. Let's start with Inspiro 5. Demands on backup support for videos on portable devices: Videobackground doesn't play on the phone?

Download a GIF as Featured Image! This topic also contains a function named Movie Box, which is fully featured on tables and portable equipment. You can use your Movie Box to view YouTube or Vimeo movies in the slide show on both your desktops and your portable devices: When you have an H.264 coded movie, you can simply choose the Background Movie from Slide Show Mail options to up-load it.

Zero, you can also adjust your own control over your movie and select whether you want it to be played back auto-, audio- or soundlessly, and much more. To view your Vimeo movies as wallpaper, you need a Vimeo PROscription. This way, Vimeo provides you with a shortcut to your movies, which you can add to the Self-hosted File area.

In the Inspiro theme, the standard home page layouts consist of the slide show above and your latest blogs, but if you want to modify this to the similar layouts from the demonstration using the Widgetized home page template, you must do so: the following steps will help you: Navigate to the WordPress Dashboard and build a new page.

In addition, you can choose on which page you want to view your blogs. Then browse to the page Didgets (or use the customizer to administer Didgets) and insert Didgets that you need on the homepage in the Homepage Didgets section. We even added several user-defined Widgets to the theme:

To enable the Page Builder, you must download and use the Unyson plug-in, which is available free of charge. Once the theme has been installed, you will see a screen above that tells you to quickly deploy and enable the plugin: Installation and activation of the plug-in. Visit the Unyson page and add the Page Builder enhancement.

The following movie shows a tour through the Page Builder extension: The Inspiro theme contains 3 different page styles for the Portfolio (Gallery) page: Infinite Scroll - in this form there is no page driven menu but just a click on the Download More icon which loads new entries with every click.

Folder (sort effect) - this preset is an isotope effect and displays all your folder postings on one page, so you can browse them by category above. On the right, look for the Page Attributes field and choose one of the 3 available Portfolio Styles from the Template drop-down menu.

Choose the new page you create from the drop-down list for the Portfolios Page item under Portfolios Options. You can also choose to personalize the Gallery page by specifying a featured image and putting some text in the Contents pane that appears in the header: This is Inspiro 3. The creation of a similar page is very simple: To insert full-screen pictures into the contents of your postings or portfolios, as in this example, you must use the abbreviation [fullscreen]:

After selecting an image, click the Full Screen button and the [Full Screen] shortcut will be added to that one. It can be inserted into the homepage templates (Widgetized) via the page named Wididgets and allows you to display the contents of single pages. When a page has a featured images, it will be shown in the widget if you have activated these option in the widget preferences.

It is also possible to view a movie instead of the featured image, but you must paste the embedded into the Excerpt box when you edit the page. In case you do not see the excerpt of the box, make sure that it is activated in the screen options from the top right. It displays the entire contents of a page, but you can simply use the Read More tags to add them anywhere in the contents.

It can be added to the widgets page in the homepage (Widgetized) templates, but you need to download and enable the WooCommerce plug-in. In order to label a feature as a feature, go to : Produkte > Produkte and choose the star in the presented area. Here you can enter abstracts for your contributions if you want to change the text length that will appear in Slider, Recent Articles, Post Archives or if you just want a different text than the automatic selected one.

What can I do to modify the number of articles on the homepage? Search Blog pages show at most the options and modify the number of postings. In order to attach a request to a page, just download and follow the steps below to get the plug-in. Meanwhile, if you've just moved to Inspiro from another topic and see 404 bugs opening pages with portfolio postings, please read more on how to fix this here.

Briefly, usually this can be easily corrected by opening the page Settings > Permanent Links from the WordPress dashboard. Currently there is a clash between some of Inspiro's special features and Jetpack's Lazy Loading function for images.

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