Install Divi Theme

Divi theme install

Find and select the file you just downloaded from the Members Area. To install your design, click the "Install Now" button. It will reload, and after the topic is fully uploaded, you will see the "Activate topic" link. Simple step-by-step guide to installing the Divi theme for your blog or website.

The WordPress CMS system is installed for FREE.

To install your Divi theme

So, you chose to work with Divi for your website? Now, you're probably asking yourself, how do I install this evil guy and start design my own blogs or website? Please note that this Tutorial works best if you start from zero. That will be your overall design. To find a copy of your Divi theme, log into your Elegant Themes area.

Within the Member Area Topic Area (usually the first page displayed when you log in), browse all the way until you see it: Topic-downloads. Locate Divi and click the Get icon and choose Theme pack. A will be downloaded to your computer. Spare it and keep it ready to hand.

Children's topics? What are children's topics? Briefly, sub designs allow you to build your own customized design in addition to Divi and add your own adjustments, scripts, and color without affecting the coding or key functionality of the initial design. That' s important because when it comes to updating your design, your heavy work will not be overridden.

The Divi theme will only be updated to the higher-level Divi theme and your adjustments from your lower-level theme will be preserved. It is actually the best approach to use children's topics not only with Divi, but with any WordPress topic. This can be done by hand, but if you are not technically proficient and want to safe your precious amount of space, try this Divi Kind Theme Builder from Divi Space.

As soon as you have your children's theme ready, store the zipped binder and keep it nearby! Now we install your Divi theme: 10. Follow step 4-9, but this once load your Divi Kind which you have generated and enabled. Once you have reviewed these moves and enabled your child's theme, you will see something like this:

Like all designs you have to make your own adjustments. In order to begin customization, I suggest you begin with the Theme Options and Theme Customizer tab in your Divi tab on the Dashboard.

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