Install Genesis Framework

Genesis Framework installation

The installation of the Genesis Framework from StudioPress is easy. These video tutorials show you how to install Genesis and a StudioPress theme. I' ll show you step by step how to install the Genesis Framework and a StudiPress Child Theme. Wellcome back to Genesis Theme Tutorials Series Posts. This blog post will show you how to install Genesis Framework on your WordPress website.

Installing the Genesis Framework

I sometimes think that designer and developer take their know-how for granted as well - we tend to ignore the fact that some folks are just getting started or may not yet know how to install a themes, especially if it's both a framework and a children's topic that needs to be posted. That' s why I chose to write a workshop that shows new blogs (and/or Genesis users) how to install the framework.

1st step: Get the framework and topic of your children. As soon as you have bought Genesis, you can go to your StudioPress page (you must be signed in to your account) to get a zipped version of both the framework and your children's theming. However, if you bought the framework alone without a Genesis Sample topic, you should still have the Genesis Sample topic available in your area.

Simply click on the small icon next to each article and it should be downloaded for you.

Stage Two: First load the framework and install it. Be sure to always install the Genesis framework before you install your children topic. Children topic will look for the framework to make sure it's there, so it's important to get used to getting the framework uploaded first. In order to install the framework, go to Appearance > Themes in your WordPress dashboard.

You will see a tabs labeled "Install Topics" at the top of the page. "Click on it and then choose the Upload shortcut. Click the Choose Attachment icon on the Upload page to find the Genesis zipped archive (genesis.2.0.1. zipped at the time of this writing) on your computer. As soon as you have selected it, you can click the Install Now icon.

After you click the Install Now icon, you should see this screen: The framework can be activated if required, but this is not necessary. All you have to do is keep it on your website. Click the "Back to Topic Page" shortcut to begin the installation of your sub-design.

Download and install your Genesis children's topic. Exactly as in Part Two, go to Appearance > Designs, click the Install Designs tab, and then click the Submit Uplink. On this occasion, you will want to search for the zipped version of your subordinate design on your computer: Press the Install Now icon to download the zipped version.

Once uploaded, this timeout will allow you to enable your subordinate design by selecting the Enable button. You just have the Genesis framework and your Genesis kid topic up and running. Almost all Genesis kid topics have a widget area for the right header, which is the first in the Appearance > Appearance > Widgets group. If you enable your kid topic, the side bar widgets you had before tended to go to the Header Right area, which makes your site look weird ( or you might not see any of them at all).

Specify your Genesis topic preferences. You will see a new element in your WordPress Dashboard called Genesis. Move your mouse over it and select Subject Setting to go through the Genesis theme's basics and make changes if necessary. Reconfigure the Genesis SOE setting. But if you didn't have a plug-in, you can go to Genesis > Genesis Software > Software > SEO in your desktop screen.

With Genesis, it's simple to create Google ownership for your website (to display your Google+ image in your results). The only thing you need to do is go to User > Your User Profiles tab in the Dashboard and enter your Google+ User Profiles ULR in the text box. All Genesis plug-ins you want to use should be installed.

Earlier, I gave you 11 great Genesis plug-ins that will help you get up and running with the Genesis framework. While you may not yet know what you need or want, but this guide will give you an indication of what is available to help you adapt your child's topic.

For help configuring your Genesis website to look like the theme's demonstration, go back to your StudioPress download page and click the Topic Setup icon next to your sub theme's name for details. Alternatively, a Google query for "genesis framework how to _____" will usually help you find a great example.

Willing to try out Genesis? Perhaps you are considering the Genesis framework for your WordPress page because you are considering it. And now that you've seen how simple it is to get going, get the framework and a kid's topic!

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