Install Google Chrome

Google Chrome install

Once you have selected Save, double-click the download to begin the installation. Download and install Google Chrome. Chrome is a lightweight browser that can be downloaded for free for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, and iOS. In order to install Google Chrome, run the following command from the command line or from PowerShell:

Downloading and installing Google Chrome: 10 easy steps to follow

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To install or remove the Google Chrome Browsers

Chrome is a favorite alternate to the standard web-browsers that come pre-installed with your computer, such as Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Explorer. Please see the following section for instructions on installing and uninstalling your Google Chrome browser. Go to your web navigator and go to the Google Chrome Downloads page.

Press the Chrome Downloads icon in the middle of the page. Click Run or on the actual file (usually in the lower right of your screen ) when the file has been downloaded. To install Google Chrome, please obey the instructions. In the Programs section, click Uninstall a Programs. Search and choose the Google Chrome application from the dropdown menu.

Select the Deinstallation item above the Program Files menu. Please obey the instructions to deinstall the Chrome Browsers.

To install Google Chrome on Windows 10 (online and offline)

That' s why every machine, no matter what kind of machine you own, really needs a web navigator. Even if you purchased a notebook before buying a portable phone such as a notebook or smart phone, you've certainly seen a built-in web browsing application in it, but the trouble is that most of them can't really agree with the ease of use and performance of the much-loved Google Chrome!

We' ll show you in this lesson how to install Google Chrome on Windows 10 and how to do it on other machines without an active network cable, so if you really want a web browsers that can do a whole bunch of things without compromising your performance and system resources, you have to install Chrome on your computer now!

As you are currently viewing this tutorial, we believe that your computer is currently online and you haven't yet downloaded Google Chrome, so to install Google Chrome for the first straight click you'll need to make sure your computer has online connection.

As soon as it's plugged in, you'll need to go to your preferred web browsers, open Google searching by entering "" in your browser's top entry field, and as soon as the Google searching page opens, just enter "Google Chrome Download". As soon as the results are shown, just click on the first one that is shown in the listing and you'll instantly be redirected to the Google Chrome Downloads website, which looks exactly like the one below.

On the Google Chrome Downloads page, all you need to do is click the "Download Now" link and another window will open with the "Google Chrome terms of service" explanation. While the first asks if you want to make Google Chrome your standard web navigator, the second asks if you want to help make Google Chrome better by submitting user stats and crashed report.

Activate or deactivate these two choices and then click on the "Accept and Install" icon located below and marked in the screenshots below. The Google Chrome Online Setup will then be loaded, and once the downloading is complete, all you need to do is go to your computer's "Downloads" libraries and search for the files you've just loaded that say "ChromeSetup".

It should look like the one shown below. All you need to do is double-click this document and obey the prompts to run it. After you' ve used Microsoft Edge (the all-new Windows 10 built-in browser) to download the Google Chrome set-up files, you can click the "Run" icon at the bottom of the screen after you download the files to run the installation program or click the "Open Folder" icon if you want to open the download libraries and click the set-up files from there.

Once the set-up has been executed, a "User Account Control" window appears and all you have to do from here is click on the "Yes" icon. Once you click "Yes", the Google Chrome on-line set-up will be down-loaded and all you have to do is delay until the web browsers are fully down-loaded and ready to use.

After executing the set-up you have no other choice, because the installation program does everything for you. As soon as Google Chrome is in place, you'll be prompted to log in with your Google Account. And if you don't have an affiliate ID yet, you can just register for a new affiliate ID and use it to log in to Google Chrome.

Login helps you synchronize your browser histories, favorites, and many other things with your entire Google Account login enabled mobile phone, such as your Google Account username and password. Now you' ve seen how Google Chrome downloads using the usual download methods, but the methods themselves require your computer to be hooked up to the web.

If someone asks you to install Google Chrome on their computer and no Wi-Fi is available, what happens? Therefore, you will need a link to the web so that the set-up will be able to retrieve all the other necessary Google Chrome install data for your computer.

You don't really have to be worried, though, because Google Chrome also has an off-line installation tool known as Google off-line installs or Google standalone set-up. In order to get this set-up here (which is actually bigger than the one we just got above because it's already complete), you need to open a web-browser again and this once you can use the new " Google Chrome " on your computer and then go back to the Google Search website.

Just type "Google Offline Installer" in the Search field on the Google Search website, then press your computer's return button, or click the "Search" button at the right end of the Google Search field. Once you have done this, the search results will be displayed and from here just click on the one shown above to go to the Google Offline Installer Downloads page as you can see on the screenshots below.

You will then need to click on the Google Chrome release you want to dowload on this next page. So if you intend to use Google Chrome as your own private web browsing application and do not allow others to use it, you will need to select "Install Chrome for one account", while if you intend to allow others to use your Google Chrome web browsing application, you will need to click on the "Install Chrome for all accounts" button, as shown in the above screenshots.

Once you've clicked the Google Chrome equivalent that you want to install an off-line instaler for, a new Chrome tabs opens and you'll see the Chrome Downloadsutton. Click on it and the "Google Chrome Terms of Service" window will open, in which you just have to click on "Accept and Install".

Once you've clicked the "Accept and Install" icon in the Google Chrome Acceptance Policy window, the offline installer downloads immediately and you just have to sit back and watch for the completion of the upload. This will take longer as the offline installer is 30MB+, but if you have a high-speed web browser, the downloading should take a few moments!

When you want to get both Google Chrome Offline Installer releases (the one for individual visitors and several visitors ), all you have to do is return to the first stage, choose the other release you want to get and do the same things as shown above.

As soon as the installation is complete, simply copy them to your flash drive that you always carry with you and voila! Now you have an off-line instaler of Google Chrome, which you can use at any time without having an access to the world wide web! Chrome: The great thing about Google Chrome is that it is in the possession of the web behemoth " Google " and is designed by him.

That means you'll get the most out of your browser session thanks to the plug-ins and add-ons you'll find on the Google Chrome Web Store. You can download free plug-ins from there for free, which would increase your productivity no matter how you use Google Chrome!

Did you start using Google Chrome lately? We would love to listen to your voices, please don't hesitate to start a sound debate about this stunning web site by using our comment section below!

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