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New Wordpress theme install

Although you would like to install WordPress locally and test your WP theme before launching a new theme live on your website. The installation of a new WordPress theme on your WordPress-based website may look like giving it a new paint job. A new WordPress theme has just been installed for your website. Topics and click the Add New button. The WordPress installer is the easiest way to install your new design.

To install a new WordPress theme in your blog or website

As soon as you have WordPress up and running and the WordPress theme you want to use has been choosen, you are ready to go. Easily understandable, this tutorial shows you in a few quick clicks how to install the WordPress theme of your choice. Or if you still haven't found a topic that interests you, or would like more information on how to find one, read our articles entitled Find a WordPress Theme.

You can install a theme on WordPress in two ways: the automatic way and the manually way. Please unzip and unzip the WordPress theme zipped document. Be sure to use the Readme. text or Readme. html readme if it contains one. With an FTP wizard on your computer, log on to the Web site where you want to install the new WordPress theme.

Browse to the Topic folder in the Remote WordPress Install. You will find the standard list of topics under '\wp-content\themes'. Download the new topic folder from your computer to the distant location. See how to use FTP to FTP into WordPress to find out how to use FTP and how to move your work.

Log in to the WordPress administration port, which is usually Go to'Appearance > Topics' in the navigation bar on the navigation bar. Choose the topic you just added and click "Activate" as shown in the following screenshots. Log in to the WordPress administration port, which is usually Go to'Appearance > Topics' in the navigation bar on the navigation bar.

Choose the theme you just added and click "Install themes". You can browse the WordPress Free Themes Directory yourself via the WordPress administration panel if you do not yet have a WordPress theme of your choosing. Once you have saved a design on your computer, click "Upload", which is shown in the screenshot above.

Select'Select file' and browse to the location where the WordPress theme is saved on your computer. You should have the topic you are downloading in a zipped archive and not extract it as shown in the following thumbnail. When you have just finished downloading the WordPress theme, you will find the zipped document in your download snippet.

When you find the WordPress theme filename, click the filename to choose it. The dialog box will then close and you must continue by click on 'Install now'. Once you have successfully completed step 1 through 4, you will be notified when the theme has been successfully deployed, as shown in the above screenshots.

You can click'Preview' or'Activate' to see a thumbnail of the topic or to enable the topic in your WordPress blog. If you do not wish to enable this topic at this point, you can also click "Back to topic page". It will take you back to the topics page and you can scroll through all the topics you have on your WordPress installation.

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