Install Wordpress Theme Bluehost

Wordpress Theme Install Bluehost

On the dashboard's left side, click the Appearance link and click the Add New Designs link below. Alternatively, you can click the filter boxes to select a specific type of topic. To install WordPress on your artist portfolio page at Your first step is to install the Wordpress theme of your choice.

Installing a WordPress theme yourself

You have just bought or just down-loaded a new WordPress theme and want to get going. When you begin building your website, we are here to help you with our WordPress technical assistance, our online help guides and our service. However, first we go through the installation process to install your WordPress theme. Or, if you have your design elsewhere, just dowload the file and store it on your computer for the next one.

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Selecting this item allows you to skiip the remainder of the item. Simply click on the right click and select the desired files. You begin by uploading your design. In the next few stages you will be uploading it to WordPress. With your theme in your hands, you're set to launch this thing!

Go to your WordPress Administrator Dashboard by entering your domainname with /wp-admin at the end. Please be aware that if the WordPress install is in a subfolder (e.g. your domains. com/wordpress), you will need to append /wp-admin at the end. If you have problems locating your WordPress administration page, please consult your hosters.

Then, in the LH side bar of the Dashboard, open the Look panel. Select topics and your dashboard will show all topics posted on your website. Just because a WordPress preset is already on your website does not mean that it is on. As an example, your WordPress install usually comes with a few free designs.

It' s really simple to exchange topics with WordPress, and you can do everything from this screen. Make a notice of where it is, click on the topic you want to submit, select the item, search for the zipped item and select Open as shown below. Files will be uploaded and when they are ready you can click Install.

It will not yet enable the design on your website, it will only install the file and provide the design for your WordPress page. Please await the link "Topic successfully installed". Using the link at the bottom of the install state, you can view or enable the currently loaded Topic in the preferences.

Topic previews allow you to see what your contents look like before activation. This means that you will receive a demonstration of the theme with your contents before you publish it there. To change the theme and really want to test the setup before you go, try the Theme Test Drive plug-in.

With this plug-in, you can "activate" a theme in the back end while keeping your initial website on your own website for everyone else. Clicking the preview will load the theme with the defaults and all your available contents. When you like what you see, you can click Store & Enable to bring it to life.

When you click Enable without previewing, the theme goes live with the defaults on your website. It can be customized by using aspect > customized from the WordPress Administrator Dashboard. Her first WordPress site building comes with many issues. WP Skills should be tried if you want to follow the learn bend quickly.

From $29 per month, WP Live gives you instant WordPress expert coverage via instant messaging, e-mail and telephone.

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