Install Wordpress Theme Locally

Wordpress Theme install locally

First, download file of the theme you purchased from a marketplace or commercial theme provider. If you upload it, Wordpress tries to find this file and fails. On this screen, click the Browse Local Files button.

Installing WordPress Theme on the local server (based on WAMP)

Watch this step to find out how to install the WordPress theme on the WAMP client using the WAMP application. The WAMP is free of charge and allows you to run a web site optimization web site on a computer with a built-in web site management system. And if you don't know where to get it from, please go to the WAMP website and get the WAMP bundle from here.

Once your computer has been equipped with SAMP, you can run it on your computer. Next is the installation of WordPress. There are some things that need to be done, such as adjusting the way the WordPress is set and building the base, so we have to do it before we continue with the installation of the WordPress engines. At the bottom right hand edge of the system tray, click the VAMP symbol.

You should see the TAMP symbol turn verd. That means that your computer has run and everything is working correctly. Review the required WordPress motor specifications. Go to the Windows XP Setup submenu and browse to PHP > PHP Release Page. Choose the correct WordPress language for your application. Then, go to the MySQL > Release page and choose the desired release that is listed in the Requirement.

Enter your user name for the data base (in most cases it is root). After you have opened the Home ppMyAdmin window, you need to build a new base to use for WordPress. On the Databases register card, find the entry Generate data base group. You must enter the name of the data base here (e.g. new).

Then click the buttons labeled Change. We are now almost prepared to install WordPress. Please do this by downloading the latest WordPress versions to your harddisk. Then you have the Wordpress directory with all necessary data in it. You can copy this directory to the Windows clipboard. Search for the WAMP directory. Browse to the www directory it contains.

You must insert the Wordpress subdirectory that you previously used. Then click on the VAMP symbol in the lower right hand side area. Click on the local host button and use your web browser (e.g. http://localhost/wordpress/) to open your Wordpress file. When you have done everything right, the WordPress installer appears. Please be aware that in the Databases box you must enter the name of the base you create in PHP MyAdmin, and the base user name should be Root.

Once the WordPress search engines are in place, you can use your web browsers to visit your website. Enter the WordPress Administrator user name and passcode that you specified when you attempted to install WordPress. Let's install the theme on your new locale website. In order to do this, you should put the topic folders in the dir wordpress/wp-content/themes.

Reboot the WAMP servers and open Localhost to connect to your website. Log in to your website dashboard with your user name and passphrase and browse to the Appearance > Topics page in the menu on the right. You will now see the topic you placed in the wp-content/themes directory in the available topics area. Please refer to the Template Install with Cherry Theme Wizard for more information about plug-ins and installing demonstration work.

In order to find out how you can do this, please refer to the How to Exchange Database Prefixes and Import SQL File tutorial. You can now take advantage of it to optimize your website on the site of your own servers! If you need to move your website from the Localhost Site to the live site, please see the How to Move Website from Localhost Site to Move Site to Move Site Guide.

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