Install Wordpress Theme on Localhost

Wordpress Theme on Localhost install

Login to your WordPress administration area (add /wp-admin to your domain name in the browser address bar). From the Appearance > Topics menu, click the Add New tab: Acquired a premium theme that I tried to upload to WordPress localhost. Step-by-step instructions for installing WordPress on localhost using the WAMP web development environment local server.

WorPress Cheery 3.x. How to install a theme on localhost

Now you will start learning how to install a WordPress preset on localhost. First of all you have to install the design yourself. Login to your WordPress administration area (add /wp-admin to your domainname in the web browsers sidebar). From the Appearance > Themes submenu, click the Appearance > Themes button, and then click the Appear New tab:

Press the Upload Buttons. Browse and browse to the unpacked templates pack on your computer. Search for a filename named in the theme directory of the templates pack. Press the Activate button: Do the same with the children's theme (themeXXXXXX). To make your WordPress website look like our online demonstration, please complete the following simple instructions.

It is also recommended that you back up your databases before importing example files. Once you have installed the Child Theme(themeXXXXXX), you will see a popup box on the right, in which you suggest to upload the example files. Continue and click the Get Content pushbutton in this pane.

You can also open the Cherry Plugin pull-down menue and click Import. Possibly you will see the requirement chart that shows whether your host satisfies the Cherry plug-in or not. If there are alerts, please consult your hoster. Press the Browse Locally Located File buttons on this monitor. Browse from the templates to the " theme/sample_data " folder and load all the displayed WordPress documents into WordPress.

It is also possible to up-load all these data sets by choosing them in the folder "theme/sample_data" (CTRL+A or Command+A) and drag them into the up-load section: Once the upgrade is complete, click the "Continue Installation" link to continue.

Your WordPress Theme has been successfully uploaded. Now you can view your website and the design you have on it. If you are looking for premier topics to create a completely new website from the ground up, take a look at our Wordpress range of hosted topics.

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