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To continue, click Run the installation. Where can I download and download WordPress? - assistance

We will show you in this guideline how to perform a WordPress manually on your webserver. If you cannot or do not want to use the 1-click installer included in most of our package, you can use this one. Wouldn't you rather use the 1-Click Installer? In order to use WordPress, you need the access data to your data base.

You can copy the detail to a filename or keep the dialog open and go back to it later. To show or hide your data base passphrase, click the eyes symbol on the right side of the monitor. The WordPress install eras must be downloaded to get started. Please click the below link to get the latest release, or go to the WordPress website to do so.

Next, you need to unzip the installers on your computer. Browse to the download you just made; it is most likely located in your download area. Right click the image and choose Unzip All from the displayed drop-down list. Next, you need to up-load the WordPress installers to your web-spaces.

We use the File Manager for this in this manual, but you can also use an FTP client like Filezilla to load the file. Hint: In this example we want to have WordPress installed in the home directory of your webspaces. In order to have WordPress installed on a sub-domain, you must submit the WordPress file to this sub-domain.

On the Upload screen, click Upload. Browse to the WordPress installers on your computer. Choose all directories and directories. Dragging all your directories and directories into the directory manager. Most of the rest of the install is done in your webspace. Go to index. directory or another directory to proceed. Choose index. pht in the directory manager. Now you have to choose which languages your WordPress should have.

This is the default translation of your dashboard. Choose the preferred installation languages for WordPress. Verify that you still have your logon data at your fingertips. Tip: If you are planning to perform several WordPress installs in the same base, we suggest that you have the spreadsheet preference play the place where you will be installing WordPress, such as www. If all detail is accurate and WordPress can connect to your base, you will receive a message confirming that you have done so.

To proceed, click Run the install. Now is the right moment to input your credentials and set up your administrator-account. This is the passcode you use to sign in; make sure you choose a secure passcode. A mail that you have at your disposal; WordPress sends all its messages to this adress. When you are finished, click Install WordPress.

When everything is fine, you should see the message confirming that WordPress is on. Please click Sign In to go to the sign-in page where you can view your Dashboard. Now you are prepared to sign in to your WordPress Dashboard for the first instance. Store this page in your bookmark list for easy retrieval.

We' ve designed our own plug-in to help you get the most out of your WordPress website. Read our installation instructions. WorldPress is the most widely used CMS in the game. This is why we have prepared a guideline to help you enhance the safety of your WordPress page.

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