Installing a new Wordpress Theme

To install a new Wordpress theme

Now you want to select the zip file you just downloaded. Every year WordPress creates a new design that you get when you update. Stage 1 - Get your data Recently, if you have bought a new WordPress theme to upgrade the look of your website, your blogs or your company, happy birthday, the most difficult part is behind you. Setting up your new design on WordPress just needs a few easy clicks and then you're on your way with your all-new look.

Your download will be saved to your download directory by default. As soon as your theme data sheets are available, you want to go to your WordPress Dashboard. You can find the area in which you administer your topics under Appearance > Topics in the side bar on the top of your dashboard. At the top of your Topic page, you will see Administration and Installation Topics choices.

When you click the Install tabs, you'll see find, post, and explore various topic items. If you click on " Submit ", you will see an item to scan the previously uploaded one. After you have chosen your design zipped archive, click the "Install Now" link and WordPress will do the remaining work for you.

Notice: A frequent bug that folks see when installing a new design is that the design is "missing style.css stylesheet" and cannot be used. That means that you have just copied the incorrect zipped files and need to find the right one. In order to find the correct files, you need to retrieve the content of the source IP address you download.

In order to unzip on a Mac, just double-click and a new directory will be displayed. In order to unzip on a Windows computer, right-click the image and choose "Unzip All" and a new directory will appear. Once you have up-loaded your theme and WordPress displays the notification that the install was a success, the last thing you need to do is "activate" your new design.

After activation, your website immediately switches to the new design and all available design choices appear in your dashboard. As soon as your design is in WordPress already up and running, you can begin adapting it to your needs and then present your new look to your audience.

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