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Intuitive website design

It is time to create an interactive website. With interactivity, whether through hover states, audio or video media, sliding interactions or even scroll events, it helps to add a delightful layer. 20 cool interactive websites that will entertain you. Using today's technologies, creative interactive design professionals have added interactive content to web sites in a creative and original way, in this paper we will show you 20 fun interactive web sites we have put together for you. Take a comfortable seat, lean back and let us take a look at 20 fun interactive sites.

The Wava is an arts blogs devoted to the promotion of the work of aspiring creative visuals, the first design of the site I became aware of was navigating. Explore the site feeling like going to a local public librarian or searching files in a file closet. If you click on an artist's portrait, you won't get to another page like on other sites, but will move and the artist's portrait will begin to pale, creating a beautiful transition effect.

While the interactive side of web design is subtile, it also improves the website's own look and feel through easy tweening. Get to know the Christmas customs in Poland with this interactive website where you can check Santa Claus and gather presents that reflect the customs. This website's styling is a child-friendly animated look that uses basic forms to produce an attractive look.

Santa's aim on the site is to steer him by scroll or using the arrows to find and discover gifts, to experience how Poles celebrate the holidays, each and every times you pick up an object, it will trigger an Animation in which the object jumps into your sled. Santa's own cartoon is more of a caricature when he draws and slides the sled, according to which way you go, once you gather all the facts about the vacation, he will send a note to raise consciousness for kids who never have Christmas with a hepline.

An amusing website with a heart-warming purpose to help the unhappy during the vacation of giving. Using your microphones, you will learnt how to pronounce words in Mars to get through the website. If you want to know more about our company, you can also read about the history and motivations behind the website.

You will be taken to the Australian Roadmap at the end of the website, where you will have the opportunity to divide Mother's Lingo to keep the Lingo alive. There is a way to interact with this site that is not only appealing, but also uses it to help identify the cause.

Combining interactivity, entertainment and good styling, it is definitely a visit worthwhile. Onlyture is an advertising firm that concentrates on consumer electronics brands and advertising. Its website shows what a 22-man-business can do. Navigating your way through the site when you move up or down will feel satisfactory when you see the next page created by the motion before your eye, like a scene that comes together.

One of the most attractive animations on the website comes from the home page, where the first thing you see is a loop pattern. Imagine a web design for a web business. Then you can select one of the 30 pets and learn more about its date of detection, the story of its populations, a videotape about the pets and a hyperlink to another website trying to help with the possibility of getting you involved.

This website with its distinctive styling and motion graphics is perfect for you if you are a big fan of graphics design and help vulnerable wildlife. This website is an independent, non-commercial organisation founded to conserve the Amur Bengal Islands Bengal Islands Bengal Islands Bengal Islands Bengal Islands Tiger Collection. It informs you about facts about the Amur Bengal Islands Bengal Islands Bengal Islands Tiger, the state of the people and shows some of the conservation activities the organisation is carrying out to conserve the Amur Bengal Islands Bengal Islands Bengal Islands Bengal Islands Tigers as you browse and see how the contents develop.

A part of the website About Amur Teiger is visualized by beautifully rendered murals like a picture book. There is a mini-game page for younger players where you can join a group of cartoonists to find hiding places and searches, a funny and educational activity that helps kids learn the Amurtiger.

All in all, the website is well designed with the objective of protecting beautiful wildlife. An amusing website that begins with a mini-game where the objective is to awaken your web browsers by using data elements like listening to music or throwing an icon onto a slipper's face before running out of track, the website was designed to encourage animations that help make the website come alive.

Animating each of the files you are interacting with makes the episode quite funny when you see the web browser's response and try to fall asleep again. Absolutely valuable to visit the site and try to awaken the browsers. With an interesting storyline and interactive storyline, Solace has the ability to click and drag on the computer screens to build and place colourful items that drive the storyline.

It is a rather odd tale in comparison to many interactive sites, but an interesting site that nevertheless, and with the abstracted forms and colours that one can interactively, makes it even more surrealistic. Nrisli: This is a good website that you can use if you want to concentrate on your work or try to unwind, easy to use but highly adaptable.

Styles are not the most complex because the website itself should not be so. If you can't walk through every room to experience 86 years of story, explore the orchestra and musician who used the studios for recordings. If you are interested in Abbey Road Studios or if you are interested in what London has to offer, you should definitely look at this website.

The Kolmården is a large woodland that divides the Sweden province of Södermanland and Östergötland. A 3-D rendering of the map is introduced on their website to show what they can provide you. As you move around the different areas of the Zoos, you can find out about all the wildlife they have in the reserve, as well as other rides such as rides and a children's playground.

It' simple to browse and it' a lot of pleasure to look at yourself with your Sims Escque look and the mix of pictures from the zoom. Let me now turn to something more about the topic of graphical design, Envato Elements. Website that has a large selection of themes, photographs, typefaces and graphs to help the public present their products/services.

Website interactivity is built on the motion of the pointer and the place where it moves. The first thing you see at the top of the home page is a screenshot of visiting card, website, and other ads with content used by Envato Elements, so when you move your cursor over one of them, it appears from the other.

There is another fun little interactive feature at the bottom of the page in the One Subscription Unlimited Downloads section, there is a small group of pictures in the back and when you move your cursor over them, they also move based on the way your cursor moves. Those are subtile, but in many cases, less or more, and these small little things give this site a special touch.

big drop: Big dropping is a web design company that concentrates on making each design individual and customized for its customers. The other small interaction is the thumbnail of the agency's past work, if you move the cursor over the folder, you can see how the images move within their frames.

What makes this site unique is that when you look at the top of the page and see a pushbutton that says you're requesting a quotation, when you move your mouse over the pushbutton, it oscillates from page to page. It is a quite imaginative way to use animations and convert them into a web design.

To those who are a fan of the HBO's Game of Thrones, Wind and Words is a website that tracks all dialog interaction between the whole line-up from the first 6 games and shows how many words have been used and which words have been used the most each year.

Design and interactivity are fascinating, for example, each seasons has a ring of players and with the ring are a network of intrusions between individual players. The dialog actions between protagonist and villian make the website funny, the design and styling reminds me very much of the sci-fi films from the 80'.

The website advertises a video named Ladybird by dividing a trivia that you can fill out and then get a heart warming note based on the responses you give. Yet another web design company that provides a uniquely UX expertise by pulling the whole site right and to the left to see its contents, you'll see wonderfully designed pages, each with uniquely designed lifestyles and interaction that show past works.

To raise people' s consciousness of smuggling in India, Bharat Yatra has made this interactive tale in which you choose to rescue a person from smuggling, and in this tale she shows how you cannot always successfully rescue someone. Said once by Anton Chekhov, a renowned Russian dramatist and novelist, this website reminds of the author by providing the reader with a game.

As soon as you have finished the trivia the results will give you a characteristic from one of Chekhov's tales that is most similar to you due to your responses, the website even provides the visitor with an audience for his casts. In combination with this and his colourful artistic styles, this website is definitely a good place to meet the author and his figures for the game.

Have there been any interactive sites we've been missing?

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