Intergalactic Wordpress Theme

Wordpress intergalactic theme

The Intergalactic is a stunning option for your personal blog. Images in bold are the backdrop for your text and offer you a high-contrast, legible design that's perfect for promoting your content. You can download it from the directory or explore the demo.

Selected pictures

The Intergalactic is a breathtaking choice for your own private blogs. Pictures printed in fat provide the scenery for your text and offer you a high-contrast, legible design that is perfectly suited to make your contents known. With Intergalactic 2 you can support feature driven imagery in your blogs, articles and pages. Image featureured in the blogs.

Featured images are shown in the blogs as backgrounds behind the posting titles and excerpts. Selected image on a singular contribution. For individual articles and pages, the featured images are shown in the head area as the backdrop for the article or page heading. The Intergalactic 2 supports a site logo which will appear in the headline above the site heading with a width of 600 x 200 pixel in the blogs and archive and with a width of 250 x 50 pixel in individual articles and pages.

Page titles and logos in the blogs and archive. Page titles and logos on individual articles and pages. The Intergalactic 2 software provides a pop-up button for the primary navigational feature of your website with a social links button below. The Intergalactic 2 contains four broadget areas: an option slide-out sidebar under the top level menus and three footer areas for your broadgets.

Intergalactic 2's custom header, if selected, will be shown as the page caption or post/page caption backdrop instead of a featured one. User-defined header in the blogs. In contributions and pages, the picture fills the size of the monitor, which can cause the edge to be trimmed due to the size of the picture.

Picture is cut for small monitors to accommodate the available room, which means that not all of the head picture is viewable at all monitor resolutions, so decorating backgrounds work best. Begin with an at least 1440 pixel width and 460 pixel height picture.

With Intergalactic 2 the following functions are also supported: Big pictures and video have a width of 1000.

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