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Blogs - Bernstein Interior It' been a long while and I couldn't be more thrilled to be sharing my new pharmacy line with you. Have you ever been to our Calabasasas or Pacific Palisades Shoppes, those are the scents you sniffed and asked for. When you know me, you know that I loved all odors and it was such a work of music.

By the way, what about the Don't Know After Work Rule? Whiteness, color, white trousers, whiteness, white shells, whiteness, T-shirts... All days!!!!! It was our great privilege to welcome Louesa, writer of The Soaked Flora, for a Sunday Sundown workshops at the Shoppe Pacific Palisades a few days ago with some amazing humans.

I' m starting a whole new blogshow named All Sorts Of. BLAZING: A FIRE-NEW BLOGS!!!!!!! We had the great privilege last weekend to bring the one and only Tieghan Gerard of Half Baked Harvest to our little Pacific Palisades Shoppe to autograph a copy of her amazing Half Baked Harvest recipe book.

I' m Amber, founder of this blogs and owner of Amber Interiors INC and the shop SHOPPE. It would be a little an understatement to say that I am possessed by interior decor. I' ve created this blogs to help you sharing all the thoughts, experiences and inspiration I have and hopefully you can participate in everything I like.


The Bungalow, a light and inviting room decorated with flowers with extraordinary light from the sunroof. Nestled in rose and with colourful rose and sumptuous flowery bed linen and decor, this place was the ideal place for a party. And my Autumn Praise goes on with my first Autumn Case Guide, which lists all the great autumn activities you can do in a nearby town.

That' s until recently when I found this long lounge room created by Amanda Barnes Interiors and turned by Alyssa Rosenheck. It is a good fit for the room. The two long, battling, pale rose satin couches that reflect at one end and the suite at the other with armchairs of hide and pickled armchairs and fiddle-leaf figs.

Designed to make the most of the room in a long lounge. Easy and breezy, this is definitely an inspirational decoration for my projects at Rena. In addition, in view is the warm rose, metallically lacquered outside of the building of my neighbour. I never thought I'd live next door to a lovely neighbour with a pale rose cottage.

I can' t believe I don't have a rose home next to it now that I've been living here for over a year. Especially I was enthusiastic about this recording with the front entrance in Benjamin Moore's Newburg Green. There are still a lot of corners and corners as we are still a few days away from completing things.

That picture of the front gate got me out of my not to be shown mind. Taking the marvellous old existent doors from this Spanish colonial period of 1930, we woke them up with some sandpaper, a little bit of fat on the elbows, a wonderful lacquer colour and a great deal of passion for it. Tonight I'm all about redesigning the front doors!

And I know that I like the use of greens in home furnishings and interior decoration. Most of my AM went through a rose season (her whole NYC flat was black and red and she has a man) and now she is in her rose season (like Picasso, but not like Picasso). An experienced reporter, she interviewed intriguing female journalists about their courageous, cutting-edge, and sometimes brutal movements.

They' ve been living in the building for years, raising their boys there. Both of us worked at Entertainment Television, where we made a friendship after working together on a joint venture. Maybe you recall when she was interviewing me in her own audio clip - which you can read here.

However, I went to Linda's home just before the conversion to have dinner with her and to discuss furnishings, counter and work with her. The whole thing began as a refreshment of the interior colour, but it turned into a whole new cuisine. That was by far the most challenging choice of designs for this building.

It was a true practice in making choices! For me, one of the simplest choices was to choose Benjamin Moore as the sole lacquer contractor for the design. Benjamin Moore's crew was kind enough to give me all the colour for the interior and outside of the house.

Fortunately, the fa├žade of this building is so stunning - my primary objective is not to screw it up! This photograph (above) is what I use as my primary source of inspiration for this part of the work. Now before I go any further, I would just like to say that this building is still under construction.

With your own eyes, please see what the room will look like.

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