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Time zones

Worked on a project for international travelers and needed time zone data to complete the job. World Time Zone Map uses a repeating color scheme to define the different standard time zones observed in each country. Timezones were not necessary in the United States until trains made it possible to travel hundreds of kilometers in one day. This lesson introduces and explores time zones and international date boundaries.

global time zone map

A repetitive colour chart is used by the Global Time Zones Chart to define the different default time zones monitored in each state. The majority of them do not adapt their time zones observations and if they do so, it is highly likely that small border changes or changes in summer time compliance will be necessary.

You can see the actually observable time zones on the global time zones chart. Theoretically, time zones are theoretically divided into 24 time zones, each 15° long. It begins with the Universal Coordinated Time (UTC), generally known as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), which is at the Greenwich meridian.

Greenwich-Meridian time zone is 7/12 degree E and 7/12 degree W of zero degree longe. Timezones easterly of the Greenwich Meridian are later and timezones westerly of the Greenwich Meridian are sooner. For more details, take a look at our large-format global time zonecard.

These time zones show the distribution of the globe into 24 time zones, each 15° long. But if you look at this theory and try to match it with your real time use around the globe, you will find that there are many differences in the way time zones are actually observed by states.

Converter and world clock - conversion at a glace

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