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Portable Internet & Apps On this page you will find statistical information, facts and figures about mobiles and the Internet. These include information on segment and industry information such as wireless Internet use, audience coverage, equipment use, app coverage, and demographic and user stats. The term Portable Internet is used to refer to the use of an application linked to the Internet and surfing the Internet on a portable computer.

Since many years the internet connection is only possible via landline. However, in recent years, the use of the Internet on the move has shifted from small niches to the high-volume markets. By 2013, almost a third of website visits were on portable equipment. Currently, more than 100 million people in the United States use the Internet via tablets or smartphones.

In addition, the number of pure wireless Internet subscribers in the world is projected to reach almost half a billion. Apple launched the iPad in 2010 and has dominated the portable device segment ever since. Apple App Store and Google Player are also the world's premier portable app storefronts, accounting for over 90 per cent of global app revenue.

Google Play's slice of the pie between the two rivals is constantly increasing and has already multiplied last year. Stats on the use of the Internet for mobility show that most of the Internet user spend most of their Internet life typing and browsing e-mails. Further favorite hobbies are community building, breaking stories and latest happenings, wireless games and wireless devices using web based applications like Netflix or Spotify.

Mobility's attractiveness has also opened up a new niche for marketers. Revenue from mobiles is rapidly increasing and mobiles are likely to reach billions over the next few years. Further interesting subjects from the branch "Mobile Internet & Apps" Further more?

Internet Browser Beta

We introduce the Samsung Internet Beta, which gives you early exposure to the latest functionality of the safe, personal and optimised webcam. With Samsung Internet for Android, third-party applications can deliver content blocking filtering that makes surfing safe and efficient. The reading mode enables you to easily and conveniently view your article.

You can now adjust the look of the reader mode by selecting the fonts, fontsize and backgrounds. An ID card for fast read mode entry. Samsung Internet's High Brightness mode can be activated in the accessibility setting of Samsung Internet for those who need enhanced brightness to see websites more easily, such as the partially sighted.

ComfortableSamsung Internet provides functions that make daily surfing more enjoyable. You can use the Movie Wizard to toggle between different display mode during playback of movies. The Popup Players allow you to search the web while you watch movies. They can also watch Immersive Movies directly in the web without wearing a GeoVR header.

They can panning 360 video to look around. You can use Intelligent Scan authentification biometrics for website login, web payment and secret mode access on assisted Samsung machines. Place the telephone in a Gear VR header when you view a web page and it opens in immersive VRality.

Transfer DeepL access elements via Smart Switch to other units (each unit has 8.2+ version). For Android 6.0 or lower, please upgrade your system to the latest release of Android 6.0 to set App privileges. Authorizations that were previously permitted can be restored after the firmware upgrade in the Apps pull-down list in the Instrument Setup area.

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