Internet Marketing Wordpress Theme

Wordpress Internet Marketing Theme

Allround WordPress marketing theme with a perfect blend of modern design and proven Internet marketing techniques that convert to WordPress. The Appster is a responsive WordPress theme for Internet marketers and bloggers. Ready Made - Online Marketing WordPress Theme by ShapingRain

Created to help you easily make your WordPress marketing campaigns more compelling, Off the Shelf is the most potent multi-purpose marketing theme for WordPress! No matter whether you're looking for fat, conversion-optimized land pages, a sleek, contemporary blogs or an appealing web shop to run your own businesses, Off the Shelf is the only marketing theme you'll ever need to build sites that produce great results and increase your sales!

Whether you are selling a particular item with a country page in fat, building an on-line store or offering your service on-line, the shelf has your back free. Featuring unparalleled functionality and beautiful artwork, it is the most potent marketing theme for WordPress available today. Breathtaking, one-of-a-kind design, all integrated into a strong theme.

Demonstration template for every use! We' re constantly updating our site with new demonstration page layouts - and you can try them out one at a time (or use them all at once) without loosing any of the pages you've already built, and without burdening your site with undesirable pages and ressources. eBooks, portable applications for different application stories, downloaded content - a stand-alone item or a whole line of items with WooCommerce; a state-of-the-art commercial or company website; a private blog:

The off the peg is the ultimative WordPress theme, the only one you'll ever need. Full function overview: High Performance Administration Panels - Lightweight and easy-to-use administration pane that blends smoothly into WordPress and gives you full command of your work! Off the Shelf is 100% reactive and retina-ready to fit any display format with crystal-clear visuals.

Cross-browser compatibility - Off the Shelf has been tried with all major browser platforms for the best browser viewing experiences...! Animation - Create your own button, text, image or theme widget with over 75 different types of animation! Extremely simple to deploy - the theme is easily installed. Comes with all demos covered - The theme comes with beautiful and high performance temples, and we're constantly add new ones!

Quickly deploy all your demonstrations - you want your website to look like one of our demonstration template? The Off the Shelf was developed with a view to contents, neat coding, complete indexability and a sensible linking system in view. This theme works great with favorite SOE plug-ins like Yoast SoEO. Childrens Theme Willy - Accelerate your design, off the peg the Childrens Theme is there!

The Meta and Revolution Sliders - Off the Shelf lets you use two of the most beloved slide control plug-ins. Off the Shelf supports meta and revolution controllers. Enhancements: Bug fixed: Improvements: Bug fixed: Improvements: Bug fixed: Bug fixed: Bug fixed: Improvements: Bug fixed: - Small problem with small layouts associated with tablet/mobile width solved.

Bug fixed: - Distance problems implemented with 1.2.0. Functions added: Enhancements: Bug fixed: Bug fixed: Bug fixed: Improvements: Bug fixed: New functions: Bug fixed: New function: Enhancements: Bug fixed: New functions: Bug fixed: - Added extra checking of repositories to avoid unintentional mistakes in the installer. Functions added: Enhancements: Bug fixed: Bug fixed: Bug fixed: Improvements:

Functions added:

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