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World Wide Web

World Wide Web (WWW) is a set of software services that run on the Internet. Internet itself is a global, networked network of computer devices. World Wide Web - Internet vs. World Wide Web

Since the Internet seems to be the easier to understand element, we begin with it. Put plainly, the Internet is a net of nets - and there are all types of nets in all types of size. They can have a computer networking at work, at home or at work.

Often these backbones are interconnected in different configuration so that you get groups like LANs and regionals. Like many of your other electronics gadgets, your mobile is also part of a global Internetwork. All of these separated nets - taken together - form the Internet.

There are even satellite links to the Internet. For more information on how this interconnected mega-network works, please read How the Internet Infraastructure Works. On the other side, the World Wide Web is the system we use to connect to the Internet. HTTP (Examples of Internet connection without HTTP are e-mail and IM).

The World Wide Web, as already noted on the preceding page, uses hyper text to provide information on the various types of information available in the various global network environments. In this way, all over the world it is possible for individuals to exchange information and views. Web browsing is usually done via Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

You can use such browser to browse various websites and display other types of on-line information. Another way to think about it is to say that the Internet consists of machinery, computer equipment and information; and the World Wide Web is what makes this tech come alive. Knowing the differences between the Internet and the World Wide Web, use your newly acquired expertise on hypertext links, HTML and homepages and click on the next page for more great information.

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