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Articles about SiteBuilder Plus written by sjhwd. SiteBuilder is a software program developed by Intuit. What can I do to re-install Sitebuilder on my computer?

If you want to have SiteBuilder reinstalled on your computer, you must remove the old SiteBuilder setup from your computer and make a new copy of SiteBuilder. It is also referred to as our Clean Connect. C: \Program Files\Intuit\SiteBuilder\data\data\user\Sites. For information about how to find this location, see Viewing hiding locations in Windows.

One or more folder (s) with the name "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" are displayed, but with a numerical order instead of the character "X". Copying the folder to a "backup" place on the harddisk of your computer, e.g. C:\sitebackup. On the Control Panel pane, double-click Add or Remove Programs. If the Software screen opens, choose Intuit SiteBuilder and click Change/Remove.

Once the deleting is finished, go to your SiteBuilder folder and erase it. XP Windows user close: XP Windows user close: Vista and Windows 7 Windows Vista and Windows 7 customers go to: Disable all SiteBuilder shortcuts: When you have a SiteBuilder symbol on your computer screen, drop it into the Trash.

In the lower right hand corner of your computer screen, click Home. When you see Sitebuilder in the launcher menus, right-click the filename and click Clear from this list. In the lower LH of your computer screen, click Home and choose All Programs. In the lower LH of your computer screen, click Home and choose All Programs.

When you see Intuit > SiteBuilder in the All Applications pane, right-click SiteBuilder and click Delete. SiteBuilder will be removed from your computer securely. Hint: Under Windows Vista and Windows 7 program data is a secret directory. See Show Classified Folders for more information. Get started and open a web interface (make sure you have deactivated your ZoneAlarm or Norton Internet Security software).

Open Website Builder Setup to open the exe window. SiteBuilder installation wizard starts. To download and have SiteBuilder installed, click Next. Select an installation site for SiteBuilder. To begin the installation from the initial installation point, click Next. In the SiteBuilder window, click Proceed to begin SiteBuilder. Press Proceed and SiteBuilder will be launched. Once SiteBuilder has launched, type your login name and password and click OK.

In the Open Location box, choose a location from the drop-down list and click OK. Exit SiteBuilder. SiteBuilder downloads and unpacks SiteBuilder file to your computer during install, so it may take a few moments to finish. When you install the NET copy of SiteBuilder, you need the following prerequisites: .

Browse to the storage where you have backed up your site directories in section A. Choose the directories and copy them (CTRL+C). Browse to the SiteBuilder directory on your computer harddisk. For Windows XP Windows XP Windows XP user will find the following folder: For Windows XP Windows XP Windows XP user will find the following folder: For Windows Vista and Windows 7 customers, the following directory can be found:

Insert the folder of the back-up site here (CTRL+V). After your proper install is finished, restart SiteBuilder.

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