Ios 6 Launcher

6 Launcher

Use OS Launcher 6, a personalization application that changes the design of your devices. It is incremental, innovative, time-saving, battery-saving, cool launcher called 'Hi Launcher'! The popular Mac App Launcher Gestr is available on Cydia for jailbroken iOS devices. The coolest way to launch apps!

Download iOS 6 Icons 2.0 APK for Android

You now have these round iOS 6 symbols for every topic, every launcher. Contains more than 600 iOS-style icon packs, which include stick and user-defined buttons. The following starters work with this package: To use this symbol package you must have one of the launcher packages above first.

More symbols are added all the time.

Crazy popular Mac gesture-based launcher now available on Cydia!

GSTR is a Mac application that lets you open programs and books with gesture. Gestr Mac application creator has just launched Gestr iOS 7 Juilbreak for Cydia. Bring the most cool launcher directly to your julbroken game! You can now use the funniest way to run your iOS 7 device like Macs.

Mathew Huusko V., the Mac application called Gestr, has made it available on CD. The Gestr iOS 7 application launcher offers a completely new way to start applications and multitasking on iOS 7 machines. Whilst Gestr may not be as smooth as it is on the Mac, it's an interesting way to do multitasking on iOS machines.

Allows you to apply any gestures to start the application. To make it easier for your mind, you can use the first character of the application as a gestural mark. First, allocate an Activator operation to start Gestr from anywhere in iOS. Start an application to which you want to apply a gestture > Start Gestr with the Activator activity > in the upper right hand corner, touch Apply > Apply a gesture to it.

I' d suggest using the first character of the application as a gestural expression to open an application because it's much more memorable. As soon as you have applied a gesturing to an application, all you need to do is use the Activator actions to start Gestr, and then drag the gesturing on the monitor to start the application.

The Activator function can be used to activate the gestures if a gesturing is associated with the application. Mark the allocated gestures on the monitor and the application will start. GESTRO iOS 7 launches and multi-tasks tweaks on Cydia for $1.49.

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