Ios 7 Launcher for Android

Launcher Ios 7 for Android

Best launcher for Phone 7 Plus. Learn more from the developer. iOS 7 LockScreen 5.0 from App SuperMarket. Best iPhone Theme Launcher is here.

Download iOS 7 Launcher 1.6.0 APK for Android

Counterfeit iOS-style user interfaces that let you enjoy iOS in plain, cool fashion on Android equipment! A launcher does not take up any room that is suitable for the telephone and the tray. Conserve energy, use less storage and run seamlessly for a seamless iOS! experiences. - Suport Android 4.1 and higher, totally free.

Exclusion of liability: This application is not directly connected to the Apple IPhone 5S. We created all the iconic themes ourselves, it's just a look that looks like the iPhone 5S Launcher. Licence:iPhone 5S and iOS 7 are incorporated brands of Apple Inc. All right reserved and copyrights for contents are with the appropriate use.

Kukool Launcher APK Download for Android - iOS 7 Launcher

The Kukool iLauncher 7 is the best flatstyle and most loved Apple styled launcher for Android. Want your mobile to look like an iPhone? The Kukool iLauncher 7 has developed an iOS launcher for your Android mobile telephone. The Kukool iLauncher 7 turns your Android mobile into an iPhone in a second.

Notice: Apple, iPhone, iPad, iPhone, iPad, iOS7 Launcher, iOS 7 Launcher are Apple Inc. trade marks in the United States and other lands and territories around the globe. iOS is a Cisco Technology, Inc. brand name in the U.S. and other markets and territories around the globe.

The iOS 7 Launcher Topic High Definition

It' re powered by recently published Apple iPhone 7 icon and wallpaper. Updated - Latest feature* - Parallax effect added! Updated - Latest feature* - Start mode added! You can now start this application directly from home. Updated - Latest feature* - Social Media added icon! It' re basing on the recently published iOS 7 symbols and the display.

Updated - Compatibility - This plugin is now Android and higher compliant! Updated - New feature* - Parallax effect beta added! Refresh - New Feature* - Uninstall the appliance by holding the button! Updated - New feature* - 6 new background images available! Updated daily!

You can use it to fool your buddies and show them that you have the latest iOS 7 on your mobile now. Excellent symbols of good workmanship. Each symbol inside is LIFE and interacts directly with your application! Use it like your own mobile device. ? Best viewed on HD Android telephone. High Definition Screenshot, Screen shots have been chosen with care and adapted to the needs of Android.

The title strip allows you to see the actual clock, rechargeable batteries and telephone beep. 26 working symbols. Look at the eThemes symbol or click on the option menus to modify the theme's backgrounds. Uninstall your application by simply tapping your application button for a long while! Operates best on the Samsung Galaxy S II, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Nexus or any Android mobile with Super AMOLED+ screen.

Works with the latest Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) & 4.1 (Jelly Bean) units. I am particularly interested in hearing if any of the symbols on your unit do not work. License: The iPhone is a brand of Apple Computer Inc. Pictures and pictures are copyrighted by Apple Computer Inc.

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