Ios 7 Theme for Android

7 Ios theme for Android

It is based on newly released Apple iOS7 icons and wallpapers. Get the full iOS 7 design on your Android device via Xposed and Theme Chooser. Disregard the fanboy war between iOS and Android and simply appreciate the beautiful design. The color scheme from the standard iOS7 computer is used for this design.

Free iOS 7 Theme 1.0.3 Download

The iOS 7 Theme is a free home & hobbies theme from the Others subsection, which is part of the Home & Hobbies section. At the moment the apple is available in English and was last update on 28.06.2013. You can install the programme on Android 3.0 and higher. iOS 7 Theme (version 1.0.3) has a filesize of 859,83 Mbytes and is available for downloading on our website.

Simply click on the verdant button above Downloads to launch. So far the programme has been 598 downloads. We' ve already verified that the downloading links are secure, but for your own safety we suggest that you use your anti-virus to check the downloading process. You can find the iOS 7 Theme update log here, as it was published on our website on June 13, 2004.

Below are the changes in each version:

iOS 7 Android Theme Allows you to view your Android telephone from iOS 7.

We' ve practically tested iOS 7 Beta on an iPhone and found it at least in comparison to the latest iOS interfaces astonishing. An Android user can get it in an hours time. Android' s over-active modeling team has worked really hard to develop a theme (AndiOS7) to give your Android 7 a look.

The design is part of the iOS 7 look and feel package that gives an Android unit the look and feel of iOS 7. Once you've finished following and following all the steps, you'll receive iOS 7 Alert Centre on one monitor, iOS 7 Check Centre on the next monitor.

iOS 7 locks the on-screen timer with sliding release. Background images and symbols like iOS 7. To keep things clear, here's what you shouldn't be expecting with this topic. Apple interfaces like iOS - Apple applications keep the Android look and this design only changes the look of the home page.

It stays the same and also the central station does not appear by being pulled up from below. Live Displays - In the live display panel are only live displays of your current state. Shift keys on the centre display - they are symbols only and serve as a key combination for the current setting.

It does not affect the actual state of this particular characteristic. AndreOS7 theme package. Both Nova Layers and Advanced Launches are regarded as the top launches for Android. One of our best applications for replacing lockout screens, WidgetLocker Lockscreen, is required to match the look of the lockout to iOS 7. iOS 7 / iPhone theme - provides background images and symbols from iOS.

The Nexus user must be on a user-defined Roma or need at least one root machine to fade out the on-screen navigator toolbar. As soon as you have installed all the apps, it's your turn to begin the theme. Developers have given details on how to change the roma and launch setting, select background images, install the UCCW theme, customize all four monitors, and finally the locking monitor.

It' a little tedious, and the programmer was thoughtful enough to put in the demo period for each stage. Sure, you don't get many functions with the design, but you can tell from the pictures that it looks really nice. Eventually, a ram will be published that needs everything iOS 7 has to provide and might make it even better on Android.

This theme set-up can give you a damn good iOS look on today's Android if it's the look you long for.

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