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180,309 times. iOS 8 Launcher HD Retina Theme Perfect Launcher! An issue called iOS 8 Launcher HD Retina.

Download Launcher Styles iOS 8 APK - Free Tools APP for Android

The Launcher iOS 8 is a launcher application for changing the look of your telephone to match the look of the popular OS 8. Stylish, sleek and attractive launcher for your mobile with a stylish styling. Modify your mobile to the iOS 8 look of ?Phone. These changes include your telephone symbol, display type, lay-out.... Customize your mobile with the OS 8 styling.

If you want something new on your mobile this launcher application is a good option. It' not only the styling of your telephone is like a iPhone with the iOS 8 styling, but also the ease of use. This launcher application now includes the seamless operation of using iOS 8 at ?Phone

A launcher's beautiness is something you can't take away.

APP] iOS 8 Launcher High Definition Retina Topic

Since this is still an Android topic, the default Android thing still works the same way as the Notifications Drawer drop-down menu, of course. So, if you miss Apple while you want the versatility of Android, take a look at Hubert Gu's iOS 8 Launcher Retina hp themes. Since this is only a launcher, you can modify or even deinstall it at any time if you don't like it.

My wager is it's gonna stay on your cell for a while....

App iOS 8 Launcher Let's You Put Apple' Launch on Your Android Telephone

An issue named iOS 8 Launcher HD Retina. It' s not quite clear when this topic was first published, but at the moment of going to press, Google's Play Store shows that it has over 500,000 installations. It' s sometimes a little bit dangerous to get a Theme installed by an unfamiliar programmer (who just lists this app), but this one currently has an avarage score of 4.4, counting over 14,000 ratings. iOS 8 Launcher HD Retina, as its name implies, is not just a theme:

It'?s a rocket launcher. This means that it replaces the launcher that came with your mobile so that after installation you will be asked if you want to change it to the standard. Since the launcher is not what you are used to, there is an easy learn bend. I' m currently using GO Launcher EX, and I'm very happy with it, but I couldn't help testing it.

Here is what it looks like on my Moto G: One thing I should point out is that all these files were made by the launcher, not me. All in all a great topic (err - Launcher), which has worked very well for me so far. I' m going to stick with my prior launcher because I got so used to it, but it's definitely a good choice for those who want a little iOS info fusion in their Android.

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