Ios 8 Launcher for Android

Launcher Ios 8 for Android

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The Launcher iOS 8 is a launcher app to make your phone look like the familiar OS 8. It can be installed on an Android device (phone or tablet).

Launcher iOS 8 for Android

The iOS 8 Launcher is a basic launcher specifically developed to give your Android the look and feel of an iPhone OS. The iOS 8 Launcher changes the desktop backdrop and the symbols on your Android with functions that are restricted to aesthetics. The iOS 8 Launcher's System Settings allow you to adjust various settings, modify the desktop image, select an animated desktop image, enable alerts, or enable launch motion animation. iOS 8 Launcher is a sleek, appealing launcher, so even if it doesn't have many functions, it's sure to be a big success with Android gamers looking for a hint of Apple styling.

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The iOS 8 Launcher (APK) - Free Download

The iOS 8 Launcher can help you make your Android mobile device or tray look like an iPhone! The thing we particularly like about the iOS 8 Launcher is the fact that it is so simple to use! iOS 8 Launcher changes the look of your home display and your GUI to look like an iPhone, but it's just shallow.

You just change the user surface of your home page and give the most favorite symbols a rapid revision. The best thing about the iOS 8 Launcher is that you can have your own background animation, just like in iOS, without running your mobile quickly and overheating the batteries, like some launcher do.

It is important to remember that you need Android (Gingerbread) or higher to run this launcher. Turn your Android phone into iOS with a pair of tapas With just a few tapas, you can customize the look of your home display to fit the sleek sophistication of iOS.

Their apps and backgrounds will still work The rework is cosmetical; chrome will look like Safari, but it's really not. It will look like the iOS rechargeable symbol, but it still works as it should when you drag the menubar down, etc. Gain motion backgrounds and more access to enhanced functions like motion backgrounds, turn off annoying alerts, etc.

Android 2.3.3 or higher is required to run 80% of today's Gingerbread or higher appliances, so this will not be a concern for most people.

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