Ios 9 Launcher

Launcher Ios 9

iPhone-style iOS9 Launcher is the best starter for iPhone style and app sorting. Some launcher for iOS 9 My by far most frequently used widget comes from an application called Launcher (see this preview). Launcher's latest release added new statwididgets to the relatively easy App-Start action of 1.0, such as my phone's available disk space. The Launcher 1.

3 add the possibility to configurate 3-D touches but I find it less useful than the Today-Widget.

3-D Touch is restricted to 4 Apple elements and the Today Widget is available from any application and from any home display. One of the apparent players in this area is Launch Center Pro ("LCP" in the same language ), one of the first application launcher for iOS. Each LCP operation can be mapped either as a Today Widgets symbol and/or as a 3-D Touch operation, which is great.

The addition of apps is much simpler in LCP than in Launcher because the LCP integrated profound schema libraries are available. When you need to retrieve an application, there is a probability of more than 75% that LCP already knows how to start it (and probably also performs intern application actions). Today in Launcher I like it better just because it shows more action in the same area.

General operations such as telephone conversations and SMS are available for both applications. Today, widgets are first forwarded to the LCP application before the link is started. Launcher promotions are more stylish and start directly with the short-cut application. There is an enormous amount of customizations with if you have the incentive to stay with it.

Unfortunately, the Today widget for is my least favourite of the three. Of course, the action is astounding, but come on, it's a full size monitor to drop by. Just like in Launch Center Pro, the Workflow Today widgets start their own application for execution. It' not horrible, but it's not as quick as Launcher if you just want to open another application.

WorkflowPrint. application also offers 3-D touch keyboard shortcuts, but like any iOS 9 application, these are restricted to 4 of them. Launcher set-up. I like it a lot. There are 15 promotions on the screen and I can still see my fantastic month calender. Action works for what I need. The Launcher can also initiate promotions, making it the best of both worlds for now.

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