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"My Apps" SSO App Launcher for iOS now available! Of the things you've said to us, one is that access to mobiles' ressources is the "new normal" and that you want first-rate experience on the handsets you use and like. In order to make sure that all of our most important end experience really work well on our portable device, we have launched our new My Apps for iOS.

"Meine Apps" allows you to easily login to any application that has been built into Windows Azure Active Directory and is available through a Windows Azure AD user name. Just deploy and run the application, log in with your Windows Azure AD host organization and then choose the application you want to log in to.

Start your application directly in the webrowser " My Addons " without having to log in again. You can also modify your organization passwords or your multi-factor authentification preferences (if configured) directly from the application. Application that the user sees under "My Applications" are the same as those displayed in the on-line toolbar and set up in the Windows Azure Administration portal.

For more information, see Improvements in Windows Azure AD Applications Accessibility. "iOS 7 My Apps" are available today from the Apple App Store, and releases for Android and Windows Phone will be available later this year.

Windows Timeline Comes to Microsoft Launcher, Now Available for Edge on iOS

Microsoft's Build 2018 developers meeting starts today, and while the first session of the session will be focused on things like AI, Azure and the smart advantage, tomorrow's session will be focused on Microsoft 365. Joe Belfiore will announce at this meeting that Microsoft Launcher now fully support the Windows timeline and that the functionality is now available for the Windows Embedded Explorer on iOS.

Remember that in recent months the timeline has been in the iOS and Android version of Eidge X, so visitors can visit sites they've previously viewed on their PCs and other equipment. Today the features comes from the betas version of iOS. You can also use it the other way round, because your edge browse is displayed in the timeline under Windows 10.

However, perhaps the timeline that comes to Microsoft Launcher on Android is even more thrilling. It' s not even restricted to Edge sites, so you should be able to start Office worked files on your Windows 10 computers directly from your Android telephone. Built on the Continue onPC feature, it allows people to do things like take a photo and see it right away on their Windows 10 workstation.

Microsofts also said Launcher would get better customer service for corporate clients by introducing additional businesses to add application discoveries and IT advice for config. While the company has not indicated when the new functionality will come to Microsoft Launcher, however, betatesters should see it soon.

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