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Friday 6. May 2016 2:39 AM PDT by Tim Hardwick. - June 27, 2016 17:01 PT. Last updated September 7, 2016. 10 best automation apps for iOS.

Multiple iOS apps make this possible and easy.

iOS Notification Center Launcher App wins grouped and scheduled widgets.

The Launcher was one of the first applications to take full benefit of the Notification Center Widget features in iOS 8 by allowing the user to create links to applications and task, eliminating the need to cross the screen or run a Spotlight search. and the fully loaded application was approved. As well as keyboard combinations for applications, Launcher allows the user to set up workflow and adds one-touch operations to the Notification Center, such as the option to start a preferred play list or call a spouse. Additionally, Launcher allows the user to set up a workflow and adds one-touch operations to the Notification Center.

With the new release, there is multi widget capability that can be grouped by topic. You can now customize a widget to show or hide depending on the date, hour, and city. In this way, the user can define a group of unique widgets that will only be displayed when they are at work or in the fitness studio, for example.

New autosetup functionality allows the application to create Contacts Launcher for the most important individuals and their most commonly used applications. Updated also contains broadget suport for 3-D Touch Quick Actions and the ability to back up and recover user-defined broadgets in iCloud.

The Launcher Widget for iOS 10 gets the ability to launch system applications and shortcuts.

Apple has deactivated short-cut accessing to certain applications and parts of applications with the iOS 10 upgrade. Launcher, the evil Widgetland kid, got busted again in the midst of chaos. Launcher patrons could no longer start links to option within the preferences application after they upgraded to iOS 10.

The launcher developer has found a work-around, basically another sentence of links, that returns the function. However, developer emphasize that this is a work-around that Apple may disable in upcoming upgrades.

Do iOS Apps & Web Services, Issue 2016 Editions have

The year 2016 was the year I got used to iOS as my main computer operating system. In 2016, after years of slow migration from MacOS, the goal was to optimize my workflow and get the most out of my iPhone and iPad. My pure iOS set-up was consolidated around the iPad Pro, as I wrote two tales - one in February, the other last weekend.

9 -inch iPad Pro as the ultimative printout of iOS for mobile productiveness. Since my MacBook Air 2011 is now used three times a week for podcasts only, I put my efforts into getting a better grasp of the iPad experience at a lower notch. In 2016, after two years of evaluating the profitability of working with iOS, I was looking for better iOS applications to meet my needs.

These efforts were most remarkable on the iPad, but they also affected the iPhone, which I see as the portable side kick to my iPad Pro. There were two emerging fashions when I started creating a candidate roster for my yearly compilation of must-have applications. First of all, the applications that determine how I work with iOS have not drastically altered since last year.

Like you will see in this year's compilation, the essence of what I do on iOS is in line with last year; there are some new posts and applications that have exited the queue, but my entire application life is 2015 compliant. In order to achieve more every weeks and to be able to automatize more parts of my routines, I have moved more and more to web based applications instead of pure iOS applications.

While some of these web applications also provide iOS client functionality, others are purely web-based, but I've incorporated them into iOS applications via workflow and Zapier. That is why you will find a discrepancy in the 2016 issue of my summary. Additionally to my must-have iOS applications, I have added a section for my must-have webservice.

This includes my App of the Year and Runners-Up, as well as a Web Service of the Year for the first of its kind and a winner in other iOS category. Recent enhancements to Ulysses' outer folder have enabled me to migrate my whole clear text to Dropbox, which I choose over iCloud for revision and Zapier overlay.

Under iOS, Trello is a good option for your projectmanagement because its web interface is integrated into the workflow (which I use to build e.g. enrich maps from the App Store), it has a layout to open certain listings (which I do with Launcher) and it has Split View and Safari View Controller support.

I had a change in my living and working preferences and needed a job leader who could be integrated into the ministries I used to work with other members of the group. Even more important, it' not an application-silosilo - it's a web server that fits into my most used web applications. In this year I liked the possibility to message other applications with flash instructions and the useful slumber option to put Slack into Do Not Disturb state.

In 2017 I want to test more integration to interoperate with Trello and Gmail as well. Most of the applications in this rounddup are used at least once a week. Scrivener was the largest site of the year and I spent an average of 10 hrs a working day living in Scrivener, while everything else (email, Twitter, RSS, Slack) was turned off.

Drop box. Each year I add the Dropobox application because it is my own clustering system. Having used the iPad Pro for a year, using Desktop Pro made it even more necessary to use Dropbox: I can only seriously manage my data on iOS if I use Cloud-Storage All-in, and I save all my important data, backup and document sharing in it.

Docs. It' s not an excellent relation to Google Docs, but it stays the best of its kind. I' ve tried similar realtime collaborative features on Richtext files, but in my own lab, Google Docs is the quickest and most dependable when it comes to doing editing on more than one person at a time.

Google Docs iOS application isn't great, and it took a long while for Google to implement Split View and iPad Pro, but unlike other options, it never loses a piece of editing I did on a given file. Google Docs is used for every show that needs real-time Relay FM cooperation.

Workflows. So if I had to find a unique rationale for doing more work on iOS this year, it would be work flow. I' ve been writing extensively about the application, and anyone who' s comfortable with our discussion on Canvas knows why I consider work flow to be the highest point of iOS automization and individual productiveness.

Workflow allows me to automate my workflow to meet my needs. Save your workflow resources by investing them in other ways, such as creating more storylines or leading a bigger group. Work flow is an unbelievable resource that allows me to be imaginative with things that normally bother me. It' the conjunctive tissues between all my most frequently used applications.

I' ve always used my taskmanager more than my own calendars, but I also know that sometimes I have incidents that demand that I be in certain places at a certain moment - I just remember to store them in my calender. TimePage, also running on the iPad, is the most stylish and smart calendaring application I've ever used on iOS.

In one of my most popular apps of the year, Bloop Italy has set the standard for e-mail customers on iOS with the most efficient, built-in and customisable e-mail application available on iPhone and iPad. The Airmail is a state-of-the-art e-mail service developed for those who are spending a great deal of effort on their incoming mail.

Instead of introducing a unified e-mail management system, Airmail lets you optimize almost every facet of the application while at the same time providing support for favorite e-mail functions such as push-notification, Snoozing, read confirmations, and more. Airmail's greatest power is how it integrates with other applications that can turn e-mail into action.

A Amazon e-mail receipts becomes a traced packet in deliveries with one click; a notification from a team mate can be stored as a job in Todoist; an attachement can be added to Dropbox and shared with others. The Bloop Airmail was designed with the idea that e-mail is a point of departure and not a target.

You are not integrated into a private system, but Airmail will help you process your message with special applications and service you know.

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