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iOS Spotlight is a fantastic app launcher. You can launch any app with just a few keystrokes, and it even learns your favorite search shortcuts. You can use the app to create a launcher for an action or application that you need to access quickly. And the only app that tops the list is the One Launcher.

Professional tip: Utilize iOS Spotlight as a starter for your keyboards.

Do you know that you can use Spotlight on iOS as an App Launcher? And it works just like Launchbar or Alfred on the Mac. Simply press a key combination and begin entering data, then press Return to run the app. When you have a wire-free (or wired) keypad on your iPad, you'll like this tip.

Spotlight has always been able to find applications, but only recently has it become as useful as Launchbar and Alfred, at least in applauding respects. In order to run an app with iOS Spotlight, click on the Command Space and then begin entering the name of the app. This app appears in the results of searches.

This example shows me entering app, and you see that there are a number of applications after the suggested searches in the dropdown menu. The only thing I have to do to start the App Store app is press the Enter key on my keypad. Enter "app" if the app is not the first line of intuitive, either continue to enter its name until it is ordered forward, or use the arrows to choose it from the group.

Professional Tip: The up/down arrows jump through the result lists, while the up/down arrows move up and down one element at a a time. You can even get to know your predilections with Spotlight. When you need to use the arrows to start the desired app, the next times you enter the same link, the previously chosen app will appear first in the results.

For example, on my iPad, all I have to do is type "u" (without the quotation marks) to start it. It' as quick as using a Launchbar on the Mac and just as useful.

Launcher My iOS Setup

As I was scrolling randomly through the apps that have recently been upgraded on my iPhone 6 (I am very sluggish and setting everything to automatic upgrade - or is that efficient?!). I have seen that the launcher has recently been upgraded. I am an enthusiastic Launch Centre Pro fan and had the wrong idea that the two apps did just about exactly the same thing, so there was no need to buy the full Launcher release.

The launcher's great. This allows you to access your favorite apps and workflow directly from your locking display and notification center (with a touch ID/keyboard share), and I thought it would be a good idea just to go over the basic principles of this feature and split my (enhanced) Launcher Home display.

Below is a complete listing of measures similar to Contrast's award winning Contact Center. In addition to the default call, iMessages/SMS, FaceTime and e-mail links, there is an integrated feature for WhatsApp, Skype and the option to get contact route descriptions (if the addressee tag is specified in your Contact application) from Waze, Apple Maps and Google Maps.

In my home screen, I have my woman on'speed dial' in the upper right of the screen, so to say, as well as two news throwers, one for my woman and one for my oldest child. However, I am considering abandoning the launcher, as I generally draft the entire text or use Siri for dictation.

Here is the major section you will dip into to make your launcher links. Three major sub-sections of apps are available here - System Launchable, Build In Launchers, and Installalled Launchable. The System Launchable module will cover the standard application that you will find pre-installed on your iOS unit during the initial configuration.

REMARK - If you see a > symbol to the right of an app, this means that you can type on the app and there is a sub-menu for available operations. As an example, many folks have a link for Mail -> E-mail Someone for a person they need to reach often on the road via e-mail.

At this point I have a link to the system start, and this is Settings -> Personal Hotspot. Only system startup I can link to in the near term is Settings -> Bluetooth as I sometimes have to connect to my cordless earphones, controller and my auto again. It has only two built-in launchers at the moment of typing - a flashlight and a home screen - which fulfill two very apparent functions.

Since I can reach the flashlight from the command center without difficulty (by stroking it from bottom to top), I did not. As far as I know, the start monitor is only useful if you have kept an app open when the unit is automatically blocked and you want to switch to the start monitor when you have unblocked it.

That' not enough for me to give him a place on my launcher home page. Launchable Installable is basically a set of your apps that can be opened via Launcher or started on a specific subscreen of the app's function. There is a complete listing of available apps, so I will just be listing those that have arrived at my home page.

workflow - I've set up several different workplaces in this neat little app and it's great to reach them in one go. The Launch Centre Program - I have many LCP operations that are described in more detail with the Launcher available LCP URL callout. Kamera+ - I wish it was videos, then it would be my only camerastick.

This is a great section that I used to test on my home page. Here we have Magic Launchers, Built-In Launchers (these are the same ones we discussed before) and Meta Launchers. Other useful choices you can make include Mobile, Uber, Weather and others, but nothing I need right now.

The Music Launchers are great and I will use them even more in the near term. They' re basically one-touch links to any artists, albums, or playlists you have in your Apple Music library. Up to now I have only two while playing with the features - a short cut to my main read/write queue and a short cut to my muse traces in case I am out of focus and need to relax again.

Sometimes not having to go into the Apple Music app is great and that's, I think, my favorite launcher thing. The Web Launchers are one-touch links to Web sites opened in Safari, and Custom Launchers are for the more experienced and are used to deliver links to apps that are not formal Launcher-incompatible.

So, there's my launcher set-up.

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