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The Lite version contains ads and requires an Internet connection. Now Microsoft is ready for download, this is a preview version for the app. Resetting the Layout of the Home Screen of your iPhone " iOS & iPhone

Timing is taking its toll on your home computer monitor. But before you know it, your neat application pages begin with free online content, online content, mobile content, mobile content, mobile devices, mobile phones, and more. Let's face it, many of these applications are never again moved after the first few use.

Instead, you can use the little-known natively iOS function, which can help you clear your startup monitor with a simple touch of the button. Bottom is my actual start window, which is a clusterf**ck of stick apple applications, downloads and a few folder full of even more applications.

so I have to go back and clear out my home video layouts. In order to clear your home pages, go to Settings -> General, browse to the bottom and press Cancel. Within Cancel, choose Cancel Home Screen layout.

Every Apple app on your machine will be placed in the natural size you received the first time you turned on your iPhone. Don't be worried about your downloads - they won't be erased. Instead, they are created in alphabetical order, beginning on the second page of your home page.

Here you can begin to arrange your applications differently than you had them when your startup video was overloaded. I' ll wager you'll even find some applications that you put in a file that you might be able to get out of, or that you've forgotten you even have on your machine.

Bottom you see the transformations of my home page that leave me with only two sides of the app ( instead of three) and a whole bunch of open space. With your home pages on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch backed up, you'll find all the fun things you can do to reorganise them:

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