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Pro Ios launch vehicle

Promise that there will be no ad in the iOS Launcher. Get Magic Launcher Pro for free today and get a quick shortcut widget for your favorite apps. Launcher Pro 2.3.1 Apk Adroid Launcher is built on the latest IOS11 stylish themes to make your mobile look like iPhone without advertising.

Your telephone can look and feel different and offer you an unparalleled user interface. Move up to open the Control Center; quickly adjust WiFi, network, brightness, volume and photo shooting.

We' re designing a fun topic center to offer a variety of topics that will adapt to the topics you choose and give you a seamless user environment like OS11. Featuring extensive Phone X Libraries and the latest wallpaper images, you'll have a complete gaming immersion. I also customize the iconic IOS style package for favorite applications.

Dragging down to open Apple Manager; search for and quickly place your favorite applications on your computer's hard drive. We' re designing an IOS style binder, you can let one application fall into another to make a binder. 8 animated screens like Breeze, Tunnel, Waves, Cube, Carousel, Tune Out, Fan, Rotation. Comes with a weather and time widget, so you can keep pressing and dragging the display.

With the new release we've added a new feature to note down your missed posts, turn on the App Note in your preferences and with great power, you can use your own personal Apps to view your Twitter, facebook and other apps that you've chosen to display hints on new information, don't be worried about missin' important information!

Magic Launcher Pro' is free of charge: Make app and system shortcuts easy ($4 value)

The Magic Launcher Pro usually sells for $4 in the app store, but it's only free for today. You can use the application to build a Today widget in the Notification Center to link to system applications or applications and more. 3D Touch Quick Actions are supported, so the application symbol is also a link to your favorite applications.

Just downloading this application, it was really fast and simple to install, so we could create links to applications in the Notification Center and the symbol itself, which is very, very convenient. - Magic Contacts enables immediate contacts via call, messages (SMS), FaceTime, FaceTime, FaceTime Audio, Mail and Telegram! - Enormous, un lanceur magique avec Google Launchers, Wiki Launchers, Weather, Clock, Clipboard Launchers, Recherche dans le presse-papiers, Clair, Tweet automatique / Facebook poster dernière photograph es, batterie monitors et vieles mehr !

Clic here to get Magic Launcher Pro while it is free for the entire tag.

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