Ios like Launcher

os like launcher

Launcher is a great place to write a review. If you like Launcher, post a review on the App Store. A starter for Android App iOS home screen. As with iOS, you can hold down an app or icon to move it around or create a folder.

Practical:'Evie' Launcher puts an iOS-like quest on the Android home screen, and it's quite great.

Evies co-founder David Zhao told a recent article in a recent Evies blogs article why the Launcher was developed: I wasn't sure at first how useful the general purpose quest on my Home screen would be, but I found it incredibly simple to become an addict. However, if you're a committed Google Now fan, there's a touch-up to start the game.

Just move up on your Home screen and Google Now will start immediately (with a smooth start animation). At first sight this looks like an ordinary launcher, but there are some important changes. In the first place it is the apple tray that has been shifted from its accustomed place.

Instead of being a key on your cradle, the apple tray is available with a single stroke from the far side of the monitor, just like Action Launcher 3. Once you get used to the standard apple tray, it will take some getting used to it, but it's really very fast and comfortable once you've done it.

Widget and Evies preferences can also be found in this tray. Overall, there is definitely an iOS sound for the whole launcher, as I already said, but I really like it a lot and it goes well with the Android N previews on my Nexus 6P. In spite of the fact that my machine uses previewsoftware, the launcher works as quickly as anyone else out there.

Together with everything else, you also get full backup for Symbol Packs, something that is always beautiful with a third-party launcher. There' no in-app buying and no advertisements, just a funny free launcher adventure. Now you can have Evie downloaded from Google Player.

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