Ios Skin for Android

Skin Ios for Android

A few want iOS and other Android devices. The Android to ios content review is anyone. Are Android users getting a free skin or why are you asking for one for IOS?

To make your iPhone (or other iOS device) more of an Android phone

When you own an iPhone, odds are good that you really want the functionality of iOS over Android, but that doesn't mean you wouldn't appreciate having some of the best in Android. Unless you go all the way and want to get Android installed on your iOS machine, you still have many ways to get the best out of Android to iOS.

No matter what your circumstance, here are the many ways you can make your iOS look and behave more like Android. Please note: If you didn't destroy your mobile in prison, but you want it (or if this article makes you think you should), be sure to take a look at our always up to date prison escape guidelines for your iOS-unit.

Whilst customising your iOS main display like Android isn't really a useful choice at the moment, you can do a great deal to customise your iOS locking display and even include widgets. Whilst you won't have the easy versatility of Android, you will have the opportunity to simply put in whatever you can think of.

So the more you know (or want to learn) JavaScript and css, the more you can do, but you definitely don't need coding knowledge to make some fairly astonishing changes. iOS does many things very, very well, but if there's one place where it can fail quite pitifully, it's the way it treats alerts.

MobileNotifier is an ideal choice if you are tired of getting in the way of alerts. It' a Java breakhake, so you're out of your element if you're holding on to a piece of equipment in jail. Like Android, MobileNotifier processes alerts by storing them in an always available tray and alerting you without stopping so you can resume your work.

In order to view (or delete) all your alerts, just press the Home key twice and you will see your alert tray (and multitasking mode). Google's Mobile application is an easy option as it provides simple accessibility to a fairly broad range of Google functions (including Google glasses).

They can also use Google Latitude and Google Earth for iOS. is also available, and we've shown you how to get the most out of your iOS unit (including full connectivity to your telephone dialler and your text messaging application if you're a jailbreaker). When you want to begin synchronizing your Google Docs, GoodReader is an great choice (and totally valuable for the $5 costs of anything it can do).

Eventually, you may find that you choose Google's portable web apps over your natively available choices, so download them to your iOS machine and mark them with a marker when you do. Apple has never been particularly good at over-the-air syncing, and they seem to be focusing on connecting you to Apple for the remainder of forever.

So if you don't want to keep synchronizing, pay for mobileMe, or just synchronize with Google, you can activate Google Sync on your iOS to fix these two issues. With Googleync for iOS, you can transfer your friends, calendar and email to your iOS and it' really simple to setup.

Googles Sync will require iOS 3. 0 or higher, but iOS 4. 0 or higher will allow you to upgrade several Exchange accounts (so make sure you've done an upgrade if you need several Exchange contacts on your device). When you' re ready to sync up Google Sync, Google has some step-by-step guides to get you up and running.

As soon as you have it up and running, your Google files will be moved and synchronized over-the-air with your iOS unit, just like with Android. My Wi is a $20 app that you can buy at the Cydia shop and that offers almost every bethering choice you can think of on your Cydia.

Although there are no major enhancements to the speech detection features of iOS, there are two things that can help. Firstly, if you haven't already downloaded the Google Mobile application, you should, just because of the speech searching features. You also want to get a copy of the Dragon Dictation application that you can use to take note and use your vote to e-mail and text message.

Maps was one of the most cool apps available when the iPhone was launched; it showed what Apple and Google can do together. Android' turn-by-turn turn carving is such a significant enhancement over what Apple has done with its Maps carving that one of Android's greatest attractions is its carving carving game.

Although there is no messaging about a navigational application on iOS, there are a few free choices in the Apple Retail store. Both are not perfection and I still like to remember my instructions, but if you have to die for a free turn left as on Android, that's as near as possible.

Victorious and trite as it is, one of my favourite parts about the gingerbread version of Android is the effect you get when you turn off the telephone. Do you have any other great ways to make your iOS look and behave more like Android?

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