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Theme Download

The fantastic retro theme "iOS 86" is now available and can be downloaded in Cydia[Jailbreak]. You know that really awesome iOS theme we showed you a few months ago that made the iPhone look like it was right out of the 80'? This was just a fantasy ten and a half years ago, but it is now genuine and can be downloaded from Cydia. Its design gives your iOS symbols and your donck an 80' redesign, with a pixel look that makes your phone look more like a Newton than an iPhone.

It' really awesome and really easy to set up. You will be warned by CeDiA that this pirate distribution was reported for this repository, so we recommend that you download the iOS 86 theme and nothing else. As soon as the resource is added to your system, just locate "iOS 86" and reinstall the bundle.

Once the installation is complete, you can use the design with the winterboard. iOS 86 does not fully utilize every application out there, so not all of your icon will get a redo. However, most of the iPhone's stick icon are included, with the sole exceptions of Game Center. We are sure that we will get further assistance for more applications over the years.

The iOS 11 theme for MIUI 8

The MIUI is one of the best Android ROMs ever developed in regards to its functions, its styling, its user surface and its fast evolution.... For some of the MIUI patrons who have been their faithful patrons for years, however, things could get boring. That' s why there are topics here. The MIUI has very versatile functions that allow operators to modify the appearance of the application using a customized Theme.

On this page you can download the well-known iOS 11 UI for your MIUI theme. The design is fully compliant with most MIUI 8 variants, of which MIUI 8.5 is included. Engineers have also migrated several iOS applications with appropriate applications in MIUI-ROM. Have a look at these MIUI themes: iOS v11.2.1 Alakadarnya Theme for MIUI 9 and MIUI 8. iOS 11 Per Theme for MIUI 9.

Take a look at the screenshots to see what the theme looks like: Either download them using the download links below: Principal Writer - Changes from iOS about 5 years ago, Fariez has been in fall in Love with Android since then. and he' s anxious to gather all the useful things about it.

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