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The iOS7 is an iOS7-style design for Espier launchers V2.0 or higher. Created by Espier Launcher users. Its design is centered on the iOS7 system published by Apple, with more rich colours you will stand out. Please make sure that you have Espier launcher V2.0 (the latest release is 3.0.7) on your computer.

You can download and use this theme. On the Espier Launcher home page, touch the Espier Hub symbol, select Designs for Launcher and use this theme. Notice: These theme symbols, created by the Espier Launcher users, have been published. When the subject violation, please feel free to get in touch with us. Once confirmed, we will delete the topic within three businessdays.

Would you like the look of your android' version of your 7 android? Reload this skins

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In this way, your customers can choose between different ITS4me vendors and switch vendors at any time. iOS 7 will not be released until autumn, but if you are an Android customer, you can get the iOS7 look on your Android mobile right now thanks to a custom skins. Apple gives Android customers the right to get iOS7 before Apple!

One topic named JBOS7 is the love child out of wedlock by Android Jelly Besan and IOS7. XDA's XDA designer, a designer, has created many of the symbols himself using the Nova Launcher as a basis. Java OS 7 can also reproduce the parallel axis effect that changes the location of the wallpaper when you incline the telephone when you download it with an application like 3-D image live wallpaper.

If you are interested, you can download the Dropbox symbols here and download Nova Launcher here to complement the look.

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