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Let's introduce: Theme Maker for iPad - status bar, dock, start screen, lock screen & HD backgrounds. With this green iPad design, users can customize their device with Android flair. Ever wondered how you can get a dark design on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with iOS?

App Store Theme Made for iPad

Make a nice backdrop for your home screen and lock screen with status line and dock. Choose a paper or photograph, insert an overlays that enhances the on-screen menus area and use it to show your personality. There' no need to connect to the web, everything you need to make great backgrounds is in this game.

F: The background image does not match the display location. Loading with TOONS OF COOLORFUL BALLPAPERS and simple to use. iPad compatibility.

A keynote for the iPad: Subjects installation and management

Allows you to customize your own designs in Keynote for Mac and use them in Keynote on your iPhone or iPod touch devices. From your Mac, select Topic > Topic > Save, then click the Save button, and select a place to store the topic in. Move the theme on your Mac (with a .kth suffix ) to iCloud, iTunes, or a WebDAV Web site, or airdrop the theme or attach it to your mail.

For more information about how to submit your presentation using these techniques, see Transferring a presentation using iTunes or Transferring a presentation using a WebDAV Web browser. Proceed as follows on your ionOS machine to add a theme from these sources: AirDrop: Move up from the bottom of the display to open the Control Center, and then touch AirDrop.

Touch a recognition item, and when the AirDrop screen displays, touch add. eCloud, iTunes, or a WebDAV server: If your Präsentationsmanager is in the Search screen, touch Search again (or Locations) to display the location listing on the far right. Touch eCloud Drive, WebDAV or On my iPad, touch the theme, then touch Apply.

From Mail, touch the attachments and then touch the monitor. Touch at the top of the page, touch Open in Keynote, and then touch Apply. This theme will appear under Own Designs in the theme selection. Touch in the Präsentationsmanager to open the topic selection. Touch My Topics at the top of the page.

Tapping the name of the theme, then typing a new name. Tapping in the Präsentationsmanager opens the topic selection. Tapping My Topics at the top of the page. Press and hold the theme image miniature, raise your thumb, and then press Delete on the displayed menus.

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