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Simply download Simpl Website Builder and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The Weebly Website Builder comes with a complete iPad application. For the first of its kind, WEBLY, one of the most widely used web-based drag-and-drop website creation software, has launched the iPad. Launched early this month, the iPad is a complete end-to-end website creation, processing, and management tool that works directly from the iPad. iPad synchronizes with your work on the web and also interact with your iPhone and iPod touch applications.

He would not talk about the option of a complete iPhone edit suite, but just say that the different units are designed for different applications. It can be downloaded for free from the Apple Store and the different schedules can be seen on the website. Below are some more screen shots of the iPad application in action:

Which is the best free website builder for iPad?

At first there is no such thing as a free website builder out there. Yes, you can create your website for free with a lot of free utilities out there, but if you want to get your website up and run on your own website, which is not something like www.serviceprovider.mybusiness.com, then you will eventually have to foot the bill.

So if you agree to the site builder of your site being branded on your site, then yes, you can get it for free, but in the end someone is still buying it - either other marketers who will place their advertisements on your site without your having complete command, or the site builder itself will place advertisements on your site.

Well, that is, most of the website builder costs in the $100 per year area along with web site hostings and your own private domains and now your website's outside brands, which really isn't that much. For iPad there really aren't that many solution out there. GoDaddy GoCentral lets you try it out and use its application to create your website or website on your iPad with Weps (www.getweps.com).

You don't have to get anything with WiFi and it's free until you want to get your website up and run on your own private area. It is also very easy to use without having to select from many different layouts or drag'n'drop.

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