Iphone 4 Theme

The Iphone 4 Theme

The Apple iPhone 4 feature measures 4.5" x2.31" x0.37" and weighs 137 grams, battery 5.25 WHr at 3.

7V, 80GB or 120GB flash drive, widescreen 1540 x 480 pixel resolution at 163 ppi, 5 megapixel camera, Adobe Flash Player and video recording. That is the " iOS 4 " non-jailbreak iOS theme of the author of " Sosiska97 " iSkin. Give it a try now on your iPhone & iPad !

Download this theme from iPad or iPhone and get it without Java break!

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Crystal clear high definition theme for iPhone 4: Easy and stylish

The number of available prison warden topics has been reduced since the iPhone 4 and the Retina Display were released. Firstly, the iOS 4 iailbreak took some getting done, and when it did happen, no one seemed fast enough to get their current theme converted to the breathtaking Retina display experience.

Some person begun to emerge now that the happening for the iPhone 4 seems enduring. Topics seemed a great deal of pleasure when I put my iPhone in jail for the first time, but they quickly disappeared because they were often pigs and good, just kitschy. Sometimes I want to make a difference, and now I know that the easier the subject, the better.

Join the Glasklart HD theme specifically developed for iPhone 4. It gives your iPhone the feeling of a black-and-white movie, with all the grayscale symbols, many of which are a simplistic copy of the original application id. Because of the amount of applications, it's always hard for user-defined designs to convert any of your images, but Glasklart seems to have far more than any other I' ve tried so far.

Glasklart HD also has its own representation of the Liveclock symbol, one of my favourite features. SMS application is also tailored to the theme and uses dark/light grey tones to change blisters. This theme even has suitable tagging, as well as the X-Badge in the multitasking area.

There are also some lockscreen/slider optimizations that the design offers. You can turn most of these on and off in the Winterboard, so you can combine and customize the functions of the theme you like best. In addition, Cydia has a number of other black-and-white enhancements, such as a white-black signal bar that fits neatly into the Glasklart HD theme.

Fonts are not part of the theme. The surface fonts are available to download and install seperately (learn how to do this here), but I think the uber-skinny fonts fit well with the minimalistic theme. Glasklart HD Theme is available free of charge in Cydia and is written by Max Rudberg.

So let's know what you think when you try it or if you think there's a better design for iPhone 4 that we should shoot.

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