Iphone 5 Theme

The Iphone 5 theme

Have a fake iPhone 5 theme for Go Launcher Ex! Let your Android phone look like a new iPhone 5 - for free! That is the " iOS 5 " non-jailbreak iOS theme of the " Qiri Design " iSkin author. Give it a try now on your iPhone & iPad !

Cool themes & wallpapers Lite in the App Store

Tired of using a plain image as your iPhone / iPod Touch wallpaper? Do you want to achieve a perfectly matched startup and lockdown screens? What can I do to use these theme wallpapers? Search for your favourite wallpapers. In the upper toolbar, touch the "Save" pushbutton (2nd pushbutton from the left). Select "Save Start Screen", "Save Locking Screen" or "Save Both" in "Photos" on your machine.

Go to "Photos" and pick the backdrop you want to use. Browse to "Use as Wallpaper" > "Set" > "Set Lock Screen", "Set Home Screen" or "Set Both". It is Cool Themes' goal to offer you the most attractive and most cool themebacks! Do you like topics? Make us like you! Oh, I really adore this application!!!!! I' ve always been looking for an application like this, I had a hard period with fitting pictures to do the same what this application does, for my lock sign display to have a different but similar or the same thematic image as my home sign display backdrop, so unnecessarily I'm really agitated and like it!

Wish there were more free topics open to the public for free and a whole bunch more new topics to pick from every day, but apart from that it's a fantastic application I'd highly suggest to anyone who likes me, loves and hoards wallpapers and wants an easy way or application that matches the images!

but why do you say "themes"?!!!!!!?? NEVER a topic!!!!!!!.... I love this application, I use it every day. Works with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

A gorgeous iPhone 5 design that doesn't need a prison break.

In this spirit, we're here to show you how you can get this fantastic-looking design on your iPhone 5 without breaking out of jail. This theme is Black Orbs and contains 31 different application icon themes that refer to some of the most beloved iPhone applications. Since we don't have a Java break for the iPhone 5 yet, some compromise had to be made.

Instead, the Black Orbs designer used strategic webclips and an easy-to-install custom profiling system to create them. It' certainly not the ideal answer for a real iPhone 5 theme, but you have to marvel at the work here. Have a look inside while I show you how to get Black Orbs installed on your iPhone 5.

It is as simple as the installation of the profiles via the above links directly on your iPhone. No need to create or associate symbols by hand, it's all done right for you. Definitely need to downlaod the monochrome paper to make the look perfect as it looks a little strange on patterns.

If you don't want your wallpapers to be dark, just make sure the backing is firm. Development realizes that deploying the Profiles won't hurt your iPhone, so don't be worried. When you view the above embed movie, you will see the precise content of the profiles install. It contains the 31 webclips that are connected to favorite applications via URL links.

This works very much like the beloved application launch center pro, which allows you to run applications via links to URLs. Development says it is working on add application functionality and will create more symbols per query. At the moment, the bundle contains the following application support: This is an awesome beginning, but keep in mind that not all applications are compliant with handle URLs.

One more thing to keep in minds is that the installation of this section is just about anything or nothing. It is not possible to select which application icon should be displayed on your machine. However, you can simply put your machine into shaky modus and remove the application icon that you don't have any use for.

Just open the symbol on a empty page until you have installed the corresponding application. In order to delete the design, just go to Settings > General > Profiles and deinstall the Black Orbs Profiles. Clearly a non-jailbreak theme like this isn't as good as the original one, but I'm quite intrigued by Black Orbs.

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